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KS2 Optional Sats Marker Wanted!

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by mattmiddlemore, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Does anybody have any national contacts for an independent 'Optional SATs' marker. The school is willing to pay for the Optional Sats to be marked externally. We are a Primary school in Cornwall of 200, and the marking would be for Literacy KS2.
    The school has gone through a major transformation and we are looking for an independent, subjective opinion to support teacher assessment.
    Any contacts would be fantastic.

    Thank you
  2. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    NCT, even "real" ones - let alone "optionals" - and TA should be totally independent of each other, you know. The one has no bearing on the other because they are completely different forms of assessment.
    No need at all to pay money for test marking if you only want to moderate your TAs.
    (And "Sats" is a defunct term - since 1992 - but that doesn't make any odds, I suppose.)
  3. Every school has a different agenda. This school has a concern with accurate data that is being published by the LA. Therefore, under the guidance of the LA who is challenging the data we as a school need an independent view.

    Thanks Carrie, PASS will do the job.
  4. banjouk

    banjouk Occasional commenter

    A long time ago, our LA collected all the optional SATS papers from schools and sent them away for marking with DRS. I think Pearson then introduced a similar service a couple of years latter, not sure if they are still into this scheme?
  5. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Optional "SATS" ([ess ay tee ess]). What are they? (Only commenting thus because this is the Assessment area.)
    I know OP referred to "Sats" but they don't exist either.
  6. Hi,
    Did you find anybody to mark your Optional Sats papers?
    If not, I have marked both English and Maths Y6 papers for AQA/Edexcel (currently still doing the Maths).
    As such I would be well qualified to mark Optional Sats for Literacy.
    I'm up in Newcastle upon Tyne but using Parcelforce (or the like - as does Edexcel), location shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Hi

    I have 12 years SAT marking experience and am available for Maths marking.
    I have just moved to Wales, am now on supply and am ready and able to mark optional SATs if you still require this facility.

    Thanks - John Collis

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