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KS2 non-adventure style residentials

Discussion in 'School trips' started by blazer, May 8, 2011.

  1. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Don't some museums do sleepovers?
  2. Yep, there are some fab ones.
    I was after a Mon-Fri trip though. I know I could work out each day/trip myself but was hoping I could find a comapny who do the lot !

  3. If there is a subject ( Geog/history or other) that fits well that would be great but just want an exciting and rewarding trip.

  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    But you need to have a purpose for the trip. Just saying 'fun' makes me think you just want to take them on holiday!

    As for exciting, the reason for doing activity trips is that they are exciting and not something they would do in the normal run of things

    Where in the country are you based? If it is just a holiday then take them camping. However filling 4 or 5 days with 'non-active' stuff would seem to be a challenge to me.
  5. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Just noticed you said Herts in the OP. So not close to the coast then. I would have thought there was plenty to see and do around Cambridge. Milton Keynes has a snow dome and an ice rink. Colchester is a Roman town.
  6. We use a company called NST, they do trips to London, York etc. We do a history link one to York looking at vikings and ww2. We have included science with a day at magna.
    We take year 5 and they love it,
    They have a website so you can have a look at what they offer. hope this helps.
  7. Thanks flyhalf, that's the kind of thing I was after
  8. Paignton Zoo in Devon do residentials. It's not history, more science and art, but it's a nice alternative to an active one. The kids stay at a B&B exclusive use of the school group (some of the approved ones are right by the seafront) and can go into the zoo each day doing different activities, or can visit other places in the area including the historic kents cavern and torquay museum. They also visit the seashore centre for rockpooling, living coasts and go on a boat trip or swimming. In the zoo there's pond dipping, arts and crafts, evening walks after the zoo closes, hands on exploration of bones and skins, teaching sessions plus looking at elephants, monkeys, tigers etc. They get 3 cooked meals a day plus squash/coffee whenever they want it at the zoos indoor play area.
    If you're interested call 01803 697510 to talk to the education department in Paignton Zoo
  9. What about staying in a Normandy chateau - geography coastal stuff nearby, D Day landing beaches or Bayeux for History and lots of French culture!
  10. widehorizons.org.uk, have two fab centres, one in swanage and one in kent, not far from the M25, both have great geography and fun elements to choose from and not expensive either. at the kent centre you can sleep in tipi's
  11. Not planning a trip, never done one but

    I was in Whitby / Scraborough a few months back and there was a group of teenagers, in home made costume making some sort of film, it looked like a video diary of joining a sailing ship. There was a teacher with them but they seemed to be making their own educational fun.

    It might be something to sonsider.
  12. The field studies council offer package residential trips. They can be tailored to your needs to include the geography and history elements you are looking for and have a nice balance of some adventure and games too. There are lots of centres, a few around the south east but elsewhere too. They're all a bit different though so I suppose it depends where you want to go as to what will be available to you exactly.
    Have fun!
  13. Hey there!
    Probably too late for what you were planning this year as your enquiry was much earlier this year, but we are a centre for school trips in Milton Keynes, our programmes encompass both geography and local history, it's all lots of fun and highly interactive. Whilst we aren't a residential centre, we do have a youth hostel within a few minutes walk and this has proved very helpful to groups in the past.
    If you'd like to talk to us about booking in future terms/years, we'd love to hear from you on education@mkcdc.org.uk or 01908 227229.
    Kind Regards
    Kim Davies
    Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre

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