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KS2 Maths Education

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by southessexteacher, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am currently looking to put a proposal forward to SLT regarding my school's allocation of KS3 maths lessons for next Year's timetable.

    At KS3 we currently run an "integrated" curriculum. This only allows Year's 7 and 8 students two hours of dedicated Maths lessons per week. I have not been happy with this and despite raising my concerns on a number of occasions, SLT will not listen to me.

    Our intake of Year 7 students attainment in Maths is below the National average. Over this holiday period I plan to draw up a proposal asking for a minimum of four hours dedicated time per week for KS3. I also plan to look at the levels of progress from entry to end of Year 7 and also entry to end of Year 8.

    To further my argument I am looking into any research that other's may have done regarding the teaching of Maths at KS2.

    Can anyone direct me to such information? It would be invaluable to me to include any data, concerns etc.. as to how Maths is taught at KS2.

    Yuour help would be much appreciated.
  2. How much maths is in the integrated element

    Is there meant to be application of the maths as a part of that
  3. Hi 2ndTime,
    Many thanks for your reply. In KS3 they follow themes whereby all subject elements are meant to be integrated into each lesson. My concern that I have is the "teachers" are not confident or comfortable in delivering the Mathematical part of it. We have put processes and monitoring into place however I am still not happy with the outcomes that are being produced.
  4. I am wondering if the suggestion of 4 dedicated lessons may be seen as a step too far (not in my opinion but maybe your SLT) so could you suggest the 2 dedicated +2 of the integrated lessons being taken by maths teachers so that the application of maths can be delivered effectively. Would it be worth you putting together 2 proposals?

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