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KS2 Leavers assembly/Production Extravaganza!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by maggie_em, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Does anyone know of a good KS2 production for the end of term or have any ideas for the Year 6 leavers assembly?
    I have been asked by the head to start thinking of ideas for my class already (!) and I have a couple but they aren't great. Wondered if anyone had anything that could inspire me?

  2. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    When I was a TA the Year 6 Production was Bugsy Malone - doesnt really tie in with a leaving theme but it was amazing! Transfers onto stage really nicely and the kids love it.
  3. Thank you for your idea but annoyingly my school did that 3 years ago. Shame really as my class would have enjoyed doing it! [​IMG]
  4. camis

    camis New commenter

    Our Year 6 did Wizard of Oz last year. Previous years have included: Robin Hood, Alice In Wonderland, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Oliver, Bugsy Malone and others I have probably forgotten!
  5. Just out of interest, how did you get the rights to 'The Lion King'? I wasn't aware it had been licensed for amateur productions yet as it's still running in the West End.
  6. Edgy productions have quite a few


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