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KS2 Enterprise Project

Discussion in 'Primary' started by msjr113, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Just hoping to get some an advice on an idea I have had for an extra-curricular activity.
    I am looking to recruit a team of 8ish KS2 pupils to create an enterprise group. Pupils would be charged with coming up with some homemade products they would be able to sell in local stores. I have extensive links in the local business community and would look to capitalise on this. I would only be an adviser, and pupils would pick their own MD, salesmen, product developers etc.
    I think such an activity would not only be enjoyable but also have excellent opportunities for developing PLTS and for pupils personal development.
    Now for the controvertial bit. I would be looking for a contribution of around £10 from parents that would be given to the group as starting capital (not too big a deal - our catchment area is affluent and most EC activities are paid for by parents). If the business is profitable - the £10 would be repaid at some point during the year.
    Many would suggest that the profits from such an enterprise should be given to charity, however I would like the pupils to benefit from their work. Perhaps not by giving them cash directly but by purchasing something like premium bonds/childrens bonus bonds for them so it gives them something for the future. However, I can imagine that this might fall foul of some child labour rule or something like that so was hoping somebody could advise on the legal aspect.

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