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KS2 Christmas production based on Robin Hood story - how do I make it more 'CHRISTMASY'?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by blackpurse, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. As the year 6 teacher I have got the job of organising the christmas production. Last year I adapted the script of Cinderella, turning it into a Christmas pantomine with many Christmas songs. It took so long to organise the script and music that this year I have bought a script that I intend to make more 'Christmasy'. I've looked at the script and don't think I can take songs out and replace with Christmas songs.
    With that in mind what do you think of this
    I'm planning on singing a Christmas song at the beginning to open the show and on to end the show, What do you think? Will that work?
  2. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    I realise it might be too late to make this point - but - why did you not buy a show that's already written as a Christmas one? Hmmm... maybe you wanted the Robin Hood aspect I suppose.
    You can definitely make it work, but as you discovered last year, it takes some doing. If you're having Christmassy songs at the beginning and end, I would try and shove some festive lines, jokes, references etc into the script (get the kids to help with ideas for this).Winter in Sherwood forest - Sherrif of N busy oppressing the Poor..."and I don't care if it IS Christmas Eve..." sort of thing. If there's a celebratory last scene, dress it up as a Christmas kind of feast? Without knowing the show it's hard to be specific, but I can imagine Robin Hood in a Santa hat wishing everyone the compliments of the season. Anything's possible: that's showbusiness.
  3. Could you just add in a scene where the merry men celebrate Christmas? Maybe have them giving eachother funny gifts and singing some carols?
    Might end up being a bit random though
  4. We did Robin Hood a couple of years ago. It was a hoot. We did the Men In Tights routine from the film and took complete liberties with the story, with the Merry Men being a complete bunch of wusses under the direction of a couple of characters called Elf and Safety who made them fight with balloons cos swords might hurt someone. We finished up with Robin competing against the Sheriff in an X factor style contest. I think we had a Christmas-y song at the beginning and possibly at the end.
  5. There is a long story behind why we choose Robin Wood this year. Some good ideas here. Once we start rehearsing i'm sure i'll be able to squeeze in some Christmas lines. I didn't want to just insert a random Christmas scene because i didn't want to spoil the show as it is a good script. I have took your suggestions on board and will adjust accordingly (even if it is as we rehearse).
    foxyferrari, your script sounds great. Did you write it yourself?
  6. yes we did. My y6 colleague and I have written or adapted all our productions over the years. Sometimes we start with a blank sheet of paper (bit scary) sometimes we start with the 'free sample' scenes that the internet companies will send you, just as a kick start and occasionally we've bought a whole script and filleted it to our requirements. I think Robin Hood was a blank page one and I may even have a script knocking about somewhere.
  7. Do you have the script it sounds fantastic

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