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KS1 Team Leader

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Lixxie, May 8, 2011.

  1. I am in a quandry...I have been KS1 team leader since September. However, I am not on the SLT (neither is the FS2 teacher), nor am I receiving any extra pay for this role. I lead KS meetings and deal with problems in the Key stage. Should I be considering taking any action? All advice very gratefully received! Thanks!
  2. What action can you take?
    If TLRs are not allocated for the role - you accepted knowing this?!
    Personally a butter pill to swallow that you are doinbg the work, but take it as a chance to build up your CV and move on is my advice...
  3. Hi, I would assume you took this role knowing that you would not be paid any extra or be on SLT. If so, then no I dont imagine there is anything you can do now, as you chose to accept the role with those terms. You could resign the position but perhaps someone else might take it up instead? This would lose you valuable experience.
    I would suggest that after you have had some experience doing it and are confident about your abilities then you perhaps make it known that you wish to progress your career by applying for the same role with the additional responsibility of SLT and the extra pay in another school. If your Head likes you that much or thinks you are too good to lose they may offer to pay you the extra to keep you. If they are not prepared to pay you or anyone else for the role then I would think you have no choice to give it up, leave or put up with it, unfortunately. (I could be wrong about this and will no doubt be corrected if I am!)
    I worked at a school where KS leaders (who were already teaching at the school, and wanting promotion, not appointed <u>as</u> a KS leader) were expected to do the job 'unofficially' for a year to see if we were any good at it then given the title, pay and responsibility the following year, when we'd proved ourselves. I wouldnt have done it for free forever though and these conditions were made quite clear beforehand.
    If you haven't already done so, perhaps have an informal chat with your deputy/line manager about it first.
    Good luck x


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