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KS1 teachers, your help pretty please...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sazza2000, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Returning to KS1 supply teaching after a break to have my kids. Want to get back unto date with current practice. Can any KS1 teachers please tell me,....
    Which are the essential documents / latest key strategies / gov websites should be familiar with?
    Just the key ones / important ones please..
    ie. Phonics - Letters and sounds 2007
  2. I would get clued up on the basics of EYFS so you know where they're coming from, use for transition etc.

    Definately look at 'letters and sounds.'
    'Talk for writing' is another key one I use.
    'APP' and related standards files
    The securing documents - 'securing level 1' and 'securing level 2'
    These are the main ones that I use at least on a weekly basis

    Hope this helps
  3. Just bear in mind that EYFS is under review - think new version is supposed to be in place by September.
  4. Many thanks :)

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