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Ks1 sats

Discussion in 'Primary' started by abbiperrin, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. abbiperrin

    abbiperrin New commenter

    Has anyone tried the new sats sample papers for Year 2? My class really, really struggled with them. I was wondering how other people have got on with them.
  2. RLB1992

    RLB1992 New commenter

    I have tried the maths papers and to be honest apart from two children (SEN) they were all ok. However the literacy papers are another matter in my class I have 3 English children the rest of the class are EAL so the spelling test for example is giving me nightmares as the children in my class range in ability from phase 5 up to Year 3 spelling list (the majority being Phase5!). I am having to have extra SPAG lessons in the afternoons and interventions put in place.
    I haven't tried the reading paper yet. the thought of the SATS at the moment makes me feel sick.
    Very stressed Year 2 Teacher
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  3. claireruth

    claireruth New commenter

    My Y2s did ok with the Maths but the SPaG was awful We've not done the reading yet!
  4. RLB1992

    RLB1992 New commenter

    Just out of interest how are you teaching SPAG to your class? within literacy or separate lessons?
  5. abbiperrin

    abbiperrin New commenter

    For me, the spelling and spag were pretty dreadful, but also the maths was pretty bad too! The reading papers were the best of the three, I'm not too concerned about those.

    What I find hard is that they aren't allowed manipulatives or resources in the tests but are actively encouraged to use them during lessons! So do we teach them now without the resources?
    For SPAG they have a daily 20min session on its own (this used to be phonics) and then we do one lesson altogether with my 10 year 1s and apply it into the context of the topic.
  6. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    Where would I find the sample papers?
  7. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

  8. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

  9. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    This is very much my question with the maths. How do we prepare them for a test with no apparatus at all? I am used to using base 10/dienes, number lines, etc.
    I am trying to teach strategies of 'draw a picture' of the apparatus at the moment. Not everyone will have the ability to mentally calculate all problems.
  10. linre

    linre New commenter

    We haven't done the actual papers but are using questions from testbase to see how they are doing. We are feeling a sense of panic about them as don't think ours will do very well! We are hitting the spag like crazy every day at the moment as well as everything else. We have spent this morning looking at the teacher assessment grids they've published and these gave us a heart attack too!
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  11. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    Thanks for the heads up on teacher assessments grids. Were these on gov.uk website? Thanks
  12. jprice92

    jprice92 New commenter

    What score have people considered to be at expected on the Maths tests?
  13. abbiperrin

    abbiperrin New commenter

    I'm glad that everyone is feeling similarly although I don't feel any less panicked!
    I am trying to do the same thing with my children, getting them to draw the apparatus/Dienes etc. but I think that's a whole different skill altogether! I just feel that the tests are trying to take away their stabilisers before they can ride the bike!

    I'm not sure about how the tests are scored within the Emerging/Expected/Exceeding, but only 6/20 children got 50% or over and I can't see expected being any lower than that?!
  14. hotchoc6

    hotchoc6 Occasional commenter

    Where do I find the teacher assessment grids? Do you mean the interim assessment statements?
  15. abbiperrin

    abbiperrin New commenter


    SHULUCY New commenter

    I think all year 2 teachers are feeling overwhelmed by this. My class have averaged 40% in maths across both papers. I'm thinking this would not be working at the expected standard. There seems a paradox in that children are allowed no equipment in tests, yet the interim assessments often refer to expected standard children using concrete apparatus! It seems like setting up children to fail. The spelling test was awful with children who generally perform well in weekly tests scoring an average of 9 points. I think there will be a big drop in children achieving expected if teachers bite the bullet and assess accurately but will that happen?
  17. hulamaru

    hulamaru New commenter

    We've just had our Spag and Reading Papers done. The reading was ok for average readers, but for SEN it was near impossible- the tests were long and even with extra time some children couldn't complete. 2 papers seemed a bit overkill but overall the reading was ok. The Spag - dreadful. There were spelling patterns and rules in the words that probably won't be taught until Summer 1 or Summer 2 yet they need to know them by April/May >.< It's definitely an area where I need to plan separate lessons for in the coming months... but I think it sounds like everyone is in the same boat. I do feel for them having to sit through 6 papers at 6 and 7. We're doing our Maths soon- fingers crossed!
  18. applesauced

    applesauced New commenter

    We did the practice papers this week. Here are the averages:
    Reading: 51%
    Grammar: 54%
    Spelling: 35%
    Maths: 50%

    So obviously, my class absolutely bombed in spelling. We stream spelling/phonics, and I only have 1/3 of my class in my HA spelling group, so I'm thinking of ways that I can squeeze the extra spelling rule into the already overly-full teaching day.

    Side note: I moved my class onto the column method. I started by organising the deins into rows, and adding down the columns. Then I created a resource where they could use the deins in more formal rows and columns, but also using a 10frame in the ones column. By using the 10 frame, they could easily see when they had a full 10, and exchanged it for a rod into the T column. 90% of my class are now fluent with this method and they really understand what they are doing because of the dein work. They used this method really successfully in both papers.

    However, many of mine were thrown by the 'squared paper' that appeared on some of the arithmetic questions. They thought they should be drawing dots, and abandoned their accurate method and dropped marks as a result. Anyone else have this?

    One last thing.
    The grammar paper. That question asking them to identify verbs in the sentence, "Yesterday was sports day so Hannah wore her running shoes". How sneaky of them to put 'running' into that sentence! Are they trying to assess or trick our children?
    Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 15.55.44.png
  19. MayBees

    MayBees New commenter

    I could have written this post myself! My class also bombed the spelling (most spelling phonetically as they are still out for phonics everyday) and reading as they couldn't read all of paper 2 and were daunted by the task.

    I also taught my class the column methods after securing place value with manipulatives. I think it's the only way they are going to get through the paper.

    Another stressed Year 2 teacher!

  20. hotchoc6

    hotchoc6 Occasional commenter

    Your scores do not look too bad. I am presuming you are not in an inner city school. My class have really struggled!

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