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KS1 SATs writing task non chronological report night time

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Deblin, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Would it be possible to have a copy also, I've just joind this new key stage since January and I'm struggling to get my head round this.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi
    Would it be possible to have a look also? Will give feedback and also share some of my ideas i have planned for :)

  3. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Are you planning it as set Literacy lessons or more like foundation subjects (Science) to gain the knowledge? I was going to go for a mixture of the two, lots of reading of non-fiction texts etc and keep the Literacy writing contained to other non-fiction types such as captions and maybe making a small information book this way so as not to impede on the 'do not teach non-chron writing' rule. Our final piece would then be the report. Not sure if thats enough input though?
    I would love to see how you are planning to tackle it!
  4. sassey

    sassey New commenter

    Yes, would love to share - have done some and wondered whether we could swap

  5. sassey

    sassey New commenter

    I am doing it similar to yours - shall we share?

  6. Elfreda6969

    Elfreda6969 New commenter

    non chronological reports are a term 3 genre - so I will be teaching it - I believe that we have to ensure that the genre has not been taught within 2 weeks of the actual independent writing task.
    I am taking a more topic approach and blending it with science/art/DT.

    If you would like to exchange ideas - I will be using my plans from last year which was based on snails - I will be amending it slightly to use nocturnal animals as the theme. I have got some really good resources from KS1resources.

    please email me directly if you would like to exchange - thanks
  7. I am just starting my first teaching job and struggling to get my head around this! I think it has something to do with nerves! Any ideas would be gratefully received!
  8. Hi!
    I would really really love any ideas please as I am quite new to this and am panicing about how much/how little input we are allowed to give them?? If you could email me planning then that would be brilliant and I will email back feedback and any ideas I come up with.
  9. It would be great if I could have a copy of your plans.

  10. hi Im also new to this and if any one would be willing to share planning. I would be happy to give feedback and any extra ideas.

    Thanks Jasperob1@aol.com
  11. Hi I would appreciate a look. I haven't decided whether to stick to animals or make it wider.


  12. Here is an outline of what we're doing as Foundation planning:
    Lesson 1- looking at the night sky, stars, moon etc. What happens at night time.
    Lesson 2- jobs people do at night time
    Lesson 3- Nocturnal animals
    Lesson 4- reading some books on the topic, researching on the net and compiling a poster about night time.
    Doing this next week, so then got 3 weeks till exams.

  13. aandyr123

    aandyr123 New commenter

    Hello a just out of NQT year 2 teacher here. Please could i have a look at your plans and then i could mix them with my ideas and send you my feedback.

    Thank you in advance


  14. I have used some of the ideas from the Hamilton Trust New Framework non chronological report unit based on sea animals to teach when we go back. Our science unit is Light and Dark, so hopefully that will give them some inspiration over this half term. I thought perhaps they could research nocturnal animals as a homework task but haven't decided whether this is unfair on some children who will recieve less support from home. Obviously won't tell the children it is for their report but I feel they need as much knowledge as possible before they can write a good report.
  15. Hi!
    Another Year 2 NQT here! I'm finding this non chronological report task very uninspiring.
    Could I be really cheeky and ask for a copy of your planning too?
    My email is babes786@live.co.uk

    Many thanks

  16. Elfreda6969

    Elfreda6969 New commenter

    Would you please send an email to me as so that it will save me the time emailing everyone


    I am happy to share, but so far I have sent out my planning and had no reciprocate!!!

  17. I am another NQT relieved to see others finding this topic uninspiring... please could I see a copy of your plans, too? I was going to reach the genre (non-chron text) this week, using 'jobs around our school' as a topic and hope they have picked up enough on 'Night-time' from our topic of 'Colour and Light' in their 1st term of Year 2 to write about??


  18. Hi Debbie just wondered if you've had any help with the planning. I'm struggling too and would really appreciate some help with planning- will be prepared to share/ contribute ideas etc
    my email is sue1@blueyonder.co.uk
  19. Hi all,
    Hello! I'm also a new teacher, new to y2, new to SATS and also being moderated this year!!!

    I've been focusing so much on moderation that i've left SATS until now, and our English ones are in 2 weeks! This might sound silly, but I wasn't aware that I was allowed to pre teach about the subject so now I really need to get on with it!!! Our papers came late and I thought the informmation was given in the paper! So anyone that has some good plans/ ideas would be really, really helping me out. Of course i'l do the same with whataver I find :eek:)
    Thanks so much
    Laura xxx

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