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KS1 SATs preparation - help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tidgythumbs, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone - especially experienced Year 2 teachers!
    I'm new to Year 2 and thought it was about time I got my head around this SATs business. After a bit of a bumpy start to the year with illness and just coming up to the halfway point in my 1st pregnancy I've not been quite as organised as I'd hoped to be.
    I've made a start by reading the 'Assessment and reporting arrangements 2010' booklet and I've had a skim through the teachers and task packs for English and Maths for 2009. I've also had a look at forums from previous years discussing various elements of KS1 SATs but I think I've overwhelmed and confused myself rather than getting an idea of what's involved.
    Please could anyone advise on where to go from here.
    What sort of timescale should I be looking at to start preparing the kids?
    When do schools usually administer the assessments?
    Should this effect my medium term planning from now?
    Is it too early to be stressing about it?
    Sorry for sounding overly dramatic, maybe it's just my hormones?!!?
    I'd really appreciate any help
    Thanks in advance

  2. We do one run through ( just done ours!) before hand so children have seen a SATS paper!
    We don't do any other preparation, we usually administer the tests after the KS2 SATS - so end May, it doesn't affect our MTP ( except we have a week in May "booked" for SATS) we don't stress about it and neither do the children!
    SATS papers are only a VERY small part of your teacher assessment, which is really all you need to be worrying about!
  3. You need to find out how your school administors them, as they are not a legal requirement it will differ.
    We do them over a couple of weeks in May so that we can sit with children in small groups and not make it such a stressful 'test' situation.
    It will also depend which years tasks you are doing. You are allowed to pre-teach the style of writing for the writing SATs as long as its not in the 'direct run up' (IE the previous fortnight or so).
    You will also want to start getting your more able children used to reading comprehension questions, and using inference if they are aiming for Level 3.
    In terms of maths, have a look over some past maths papers and make sure you will have covered everything by then - look at what is required for Level 3 and consider what is in place to allow those children to have been taught all the necessary concepts. http://www.emaths.co.uk/KS1SAT.htm Theres a couple of past papers there to give you some ideas. If you have testbase on your school computers, that allows you to access past questions and use these as practice too.
    It is quite hard to avoid 'teaching to the test' but only fair that the children have had the teaching that would allow them to at least attempt all the questions.
    I cant say whether it would affect your medium term planning as it would depend on which tasks you are doing for the writing, and what your units of work will be this term. We are doing poetry and stories from fantasy settings this half term as we will be doing the riddle, and the fantasy story as our SATs writing tasks.
  4. Oh no! I just wrote a message witha plea for some sats test help and it all disappeared :(
    Basically, I am also new to ks1, year2, SATS and teaching in general! and am aving a big block on the planning of my next unit of work as it affects the SATS writing task so much.. I am trying to plan two week uni of story writing in preparation fo rthe magic pebble weriting task, but I am blocked because I am so worried about teaching them the right things!!! ~I know it shouldn't cause this panic, as we have been teaching all year now, but it just seems to have a caused a blcok this last week and I am struggling as need to get this plan done this weekend!!!
    Any pointers would be great... eg what do they actually need to know, focused inthese two weeks, for their writing task?, criteria? hwo do I pull high level 2s up to a level 3? any god stories I can read with them to prompt ideas . imagination / vocab etc?
    Thanks for any help!!!!!
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  6. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    I am planning, but only a basic plan as we are really doing revision of weak areas. Ive moved all the desks to face the whiteboard (only for maths and english lessons) and we we are working through word problems using strategies. It seems to be working well - focusing on the 4 operations etc. I have 9 level 3's so my TA support them when needed. They are quite mature so they can follow instructions and work alone. Its hard to do the normal weekly plan for maths as its just word problems, testbase and practice papers.

    However, for literacy I am planning normally. I am using a small chapter book and each day we will focus on one particular skill in the shared part of the lesson. For example, using commas and adjectives in a menu which the children design. One day we will focus just on paragraphs, then capital letters and full stops, reheasing sentences verbally, simple to complex/interesting sentences, editing some work, putting the children in pairs to write speech between two characters on mwbs. They will then write a story making sure they include as many elements as possible. Within this we will cover planning a story and coming up with conflict/resolution ect. Just need to find a place for reading. Maybe that can be an afternoon activity each day.

    I'll be glad when the SATS are finished. Do the children need to reach these levels for the SATS or by the end of the year with APP?

    Does anyone know if its 80% above L2c or 80% 2B or above?

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