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KS1 Sats non-chronological report nocturnal animals

Discussion in 'Primary' started by primaryexpert, May 7, 2010.

  1. primaryexpert

    primaryexpert New commenter

    My Yr2 children will be doing the above writing task next week. We have covered non-chronological reports with mini-beasts and nocturnal animals separately. Do other Yr2 teachers ask the children to write about 2/3 animals or more? How much would you expect them to write? Appreciate any responses. Thanks
  2. Hi there,
    We've been told by the borough that we're not allowed to teach non-chronological reports using nocturnal animals or anything else to do with night time as this would be maladministration of the tests. So, we're having to feed them the information they'll need about nocturnal animals outside the literacy hour (no easy feat, believe me, with all the time constraints!). We're going to cover 3 main animals, but obviously if there are any others that come up in discussion that the children are particularly grabbed by, then we will discuss those too.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Have you looked at the examples in the Teacher's handbook?
    I think it really depends on the amount of information they write about each animal
    sorry not a clear cut answer

    If you check out page 12 of the teacher's book it says

    should not have had any kind of information or character description
    writing taught or modelled for them within the previous week, although
    they may have been taught these as part of the KS1 NC
  4. primaryexpert

    primaryexpert New commenter

    Thank you all so much - much appreciated
  5. I made some resources for our afternoon sessions this week. We will be learning about a few nocturnal animals in detail and reading some examples of non-chronological reports on other animals such a jellyfish, sharks and briefly touch on the features of the reports....


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