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KS1 SATs info for parents. What do you give?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by coco and crusty, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. coco and crusty

    coco and crusty New commenter

    I recently moved schools and am now in year 2. as previous school we have always done a SATs info evening for parents though as in a new school (with pushy parents) not sure if it is necessary. I don't want parents to build it up to be more than it is.
    What do other people do? do you still have info evenigns even though it is more on teacher assessment rather than the tests? Do you give out an information booklet instead? Do you do nothing?
    I was also thinking about how you actually administer them? Do you sit the children individually or do you just do them in their normal groups? A bit worried about copying.
  2. coco and crusty

    coco and crusty New commenter

    I like the idea of a trip out after they are all over. For the staff if not the children [​IMG]
    Thanks for the info it is really useful. It is useful to know how different people approach these. I do think that seperating the tables is the way to go as I am concerned that they will copy a little if they are still together.

    Thanks for the comments

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