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KS1 music - year 1 & 2

Discussion in 'Music' started by cliveceltic, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Work in a circle. Always the best but hard to manage depending on your space. It means you can have eye contact with everyone. Sit on the floor with the children if you can.

    You need to really emphasise the rules at the start of the lesson and carry through any offences.

    Don't get instruments out all of the time. DO lots of singing based work. CHeck out www.singup.org for songs,ideas and lesson plans for all age groups. Not a fan of schemes really but it depends what you are teaching. The Jolly Music range is brilliant for musicianship work through singing in a Kodaly way. NYCoS also publish a range of books of songs and activities as do the BKA. I used to use Music express but wasn't really a fan.

    KS1 love the use of lycra. Invest away off ebay. You use it just like a parachute but its much nice and can be used for teaching alsorts, keeps all hads where you can see them etc. Also helps keep a circle. You can bounce things on the lycra for teaching rhythm etc, Another similar is a giant scrunchie which can actually get children to walk the pulse etc by facing the way they walk. Puppets/soft toys are brilliant as are bright flash cards.

    Definitely do a physical warm up before you start and make it fun as the more engaged the children are the less issues you have. Keep instruments for when you want to use them and sing them out an in. Use a singing game to collect drumsticks - a passing song but as they pass round and get to you you collect them in.

    I could go on but it usually involves singing!
  2. I agree with circle however starting in lines facing you is good - less eye contact with each other. Do pitch, rhythm and dynamics using arm movements and be an absolute animal about discipline and control - absolute animal!!!! Then circle! Lots of circle action songs. Look at the old favourites like A.C. Black Okki tokki unga etc. Good luck!!
  3. ict04

    ict04 New commenter

    Thanks SO much for this input you guys - much appreciated! Don't know how well it will go cos my singing isn't great but will have a bash anyhow.

    Thanks again!
  4. Great ideas. But while thinking of something new to offer the class, why don't you try to go with traditional songs or approach in singing. Just do it with more excitement.
  5. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    do you have more detailed suggestions about how to use the lycra/ I would be very interested to hear your ideas if you dont mind. Thanks
  6. jubilada

    jubilada New commenter

    I wouls highly recommend the NYCOS singing games and rhymes for whole class participation and I like the games that encourage taking turns and watching/listening. The children love them and they work well with large classes.
    When you want to do something else I have used the 3 singing pigs stories with music as they are easy to use with a full class, also some of the activities in Listening to music elements (AC Black)

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