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KS1 KS2 KS3 Art Ideas for resource book

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by 01haread, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. As part of my
    teacher training course me and a group of students have volunteered to put together a book of art
    ideas for our linked school in Africa to use. They have little art resources
    and the teachers have limited art experience.

    The idea came about after a tutor went to visit them last summer
    and teach a summer camp. The teachers seemed to lack in confidence in teaching
    art and their curriculum lacked creativity.

    I am asking my fellow trainees for any art ideas suitable for KS2,
    2 and 3 and I thought I might see if anyone here has any great ideas.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated (bonus if you have any
    pictures of any of the art work if you have taught the idea)

    Thank you
    <font size="2">Hayley x</font>

  2. Hi Hayley.
    Have a look at Bill's Space, mainly for calligraphy / lettering instruction but hundreds of links to art related videos articles etc.
    Have fun.
    Cheers. Bill
  3. Hi
    Just a quick update to let you know I have just posted a blog entitled Calligraphy for Children
    Kind regards.
  4. Lucieb40

    Lucieb40 New commenter

    Hi Hayley
    Try to consider the resources that could possibly be available to the students.
    Using objects for printing (hands, feet, potatos...etc), collage, upcycling (recycling objects into something else), doodling books...the opportunities are endless.
    I hope this helps a little...

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