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KS1/KS1 Literacy - starter activities

Discussion in 'Primary' started by alililley, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. 1. List 3 things you learnt last lesson.
    2. Wordsearch
    3. 5 Spellings
    4. Anagrams
    5. Create a Mnemonic
    6. Write dictionary definitions
    7. How many words can you get from the word........
    8. Poetry Bingo
    9. 5 Question quiz
    Hope these help ; )
    10. Memory Game
    11. Pupil hot spot question time
    12. Pictionary
    13. Drama Activity-Freeze Frame Activity
    14. Just a minute - Pupils talk about a topic without hesitation
    15. Class story-One pupils begins a stort and each pupils adds on to it.
    16. Match word and definition cards
    17. True and false - Pupils hold up gree/red card for answers
    18.Post it notes or stickers on foreheads-Pupils work in pairs and ask partner questions to work out what the word is.
    19. Concentration/pelmanism
    20. Taboo
    21. Dominoes
    22. Verbal tennis
    23. Video Clips
    24. 60 second challenge- Write down all teh terms you can think of related to the new topic
    25. Blockbusters
    26. Card Loops
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  2. Krayna

    Krayna New commenter

    I like the taboo idea - I'm teaching about letter writing and we will be writing a letter to Goldilocks. I wanted a starter for this lesson to remind them about the story of the 3 bears. I hope to give a few students key words and the other students guess the words based on the word they are holding.
    Thanks for all the other ideas. They are sure to come in handy!!

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