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KS1 Interactive Display ideas for Literacy?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Does anybody have any good examples of things to put on an interactive literacy display for KS1? There plenty to put on my numeracy, but im struggling for literacy and we are expecting ofsted in september so id like them to be as interactive as possible.
    I was thinking of having a A3 laminate with a different picture of a character on every week, with a whiteboard pen for children to come and write describing words on.
    And also a 'word sort' for different phonemes that can be changed.
    Aside from the usual word walls, can anybody think of anything else interesting and interactive?
  2. In my Y1 class we currently have a jungle display, it has lots of large laminated speech and thought bubbles that the chn can write on and they love this. It's defo going to be something i carry on with my Y2s next year, using different characters each week / unit would tie in nicely. Plus lots of Qs, non fiction texts to explore too.
  3. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    I'm not KS1 but I'm an Enco and work quite closely with my opposite number in KS1 on display. Recently we did a display for the Gingerbread man using playdough and biscuit cutters (some in the shape of gingerbread men, some in the shape of letters) and we also got a lot of baking sheets and magnetic letters for them to play with. Used Post-It notes (hah, Post-It notes, the APP people will be rubbing their hands in glee!) in the shape of gingerbread men for the kids to write on (think it was other movement words - instead of "run, run, as fast as you can..." they were hopping, skipping, jumping, etc...) We had the story on CD for them to play and read along with (think you can buy these from Waterstones).
    Billy Goats Gruff is nice for musical instruments (all that trip trap, trip trap!) - we are hoping to introduce them to podcasting next term with those cute yellow microphones. Definitely potential there. Also good for big/bigger/biggest words - you get some nice drawings.

    Any use? :)
  4. I like the post it notes idea.
    I mean more along the lines of interactive wall ideas and how children can contribute. Anything using a table display area is out of the question - we work in a very child initiated way at KS1 so all the tables have activities for the children to explore anyway. Theres also little room for display tables because of the windows/doors (my classroom is basically a walkthrough for the other classrooms which is a pain as it leaves little wall space for furniture).
  5. purplepixie

    purplepixie New commenter

    Rearranging pictures and associated words/sentences of a known story into order?
  6. Thats a nice idea thanks :) Could be done with a poem to look for the rhymes as well.
  7. For our Fairy Tale unit I made a giant book and left blank section entitled good characters, bad character, settings, magic etc. And then laminated and velcroed lots of different characters, props etc. for the children to create their own made up fairy tale. The children loved telling each other their stories.
  8. I have a VCOP display areas.
    I have a set of lamitated help mats which are kept in a pocket and the children can remove them and take them to tables while they are working.
    I also have some blanks of the WOW word shapes so children can add their own. The children write their own sentences using VCOP on post it notes and stick these to the display. We add words from our reading books too.
    Here are my resources

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