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KS1 Drama ideas. Please please help.

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by robbiewalker, May 17, 2011.

  1. I have to teach KS1 Drama and desperately need some sort of scheme of work with some sense of continuity and progression over a term. Does anyone have anything I could use or be inspired by!
  2. My mum teaches KS1 and she's done some brilliant stuff - she did a unit on Pirates (lots of vocal work there, and games with scrubbing decks and so on, and heaps of physical theatre opportunities becoming a pirate ship, parrot, treasure chest, desert island etc) which culminated in a nice movement based performance to parents. She also did a unit on Evacuees - she wrote her own simple script and did lots of teacher-in-role getting them to have a multi-sensory experience of evacuation before they tackled the scripted bit. Having a performance, even if it's just to other students, is a good way to focus yourself and the kids on progression I think, although I mainly teach GCSE and A-level and wouldn't know quite what to do with KS1 myself! Ooh, one more thing - they love costume. She got them all patches for Pirates and had someone knit them some little muted cardis and jumpers for Evacuees (Primark could help there).

  3. For Key stage one the best approach is to keep it physical and exciting. Lifted and Gifted are a great organisation that teach drama and history, they have a great approach and you can purchase lesson plans www.liftedandgifted.org

  4. Hi Robbie,

    I produce professional theatre in education shows for Reception to Year 6, and our shows are all inspired by a combination of responses to books and PHSE issues.

    You can see some of the titles we have worked with on our website - and responses to books are a great way to bring drama out of isolation and link in with literacy work.

    If this might spark off ideas with you our website is at http://www.WestEndinSchools.org.uk

    Good luck!

  5. Robbie, I teach Drama to Nursery to Year 6 and have quite a few SOWs based on half or one hour a week. You are welcome to any- just post your email.
  6. Hi there, just came across this post looking for similar things. I would be interested if you still have available?
    kind regards
  7. Would you mind e-mailing me some SOWs as well as I am actually in the same situation and looking for some now!
    Many thanks!
  8. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Consonant - you have PM.
  9. sorry everyone- haven't forgotten you! Will email in next few days...
    If there are any particular themes etc, post and then I'll choose a couple of SOWs that best fit them
  10. ERscripts

    ERscripts New commenter

    Ready to use scripts - suitable level for Key Stage 1 is here - KS1 drama for classrooms and assemblies. Lots of funny online samples to get an idea of the style. Great for reading and acting practice. Cross-curriculum linking topics. Some more ideas for making props with kids etc. in the scripts. Full scripts need to be purchased but perfect for whole school performances.
  11. Yes, I would suggest 'Games, Ideas and Activities for Primary Drama' published by Pearson

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