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KS1 class with no TA -school unsupportive

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by VelvetChalk, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    Hi I work in a very large (4 form) Primary school and I have been moved from KS2 to KS1 (Year 2) for this academic year which I was fine about.

    I was supposed to have a full time TA but our year leader gave me a morning TA instead at the last minute which isn't great for starters as I am the only new member of staff in year 2 and the new tests in May continue to worry me. TAs in our year are busy and do not come into my classroom in the afternoons but do group work etc.

    My morning TA has been in a total of 3 weeks last term and I have just found out she is off for another 5 weeks. No-one in my school has given any mention of sharing Year 2 TAs or getting anyone else so I spend all day on my own. Other year 2 TAs do some admin for me but not a lot as we are all overloaded. I feel my year leader is well meaning but wants to keep year 2 staff to help her out because she is overloaded.

    I am beyond worried for my class progression with the tests and pay progression based on their progress. No interventions get done and lessons feel roudy as my class while great have lots of LA and EAL. Their behaviour and progression si going down the sinkhole. Recently, the HT said my class werent as good at reading as the other classes and didn't seem bothered I mentioned the TA situation. My books have been mentioned too and as we do lots of feedback marking I dont have an extra adult to check these have been done right.

    Ofsted is also due any day and I feel hopeless. Our HT has recently asked us to have a meeting where we want to be next year and I want to leave (this is the 3rd instance of TAs being off sick long term and management doing nothing) and don't think my head will like to hear this. If this carries on I want to leave by Easter to be honest.

    I get on ok with senior staff and my year and phase leader but when i have had problems in the past (and others) the school's motto seems to be 'you should be able to deal with it'.

    I know lots of teachers have no TAs but this is a fussy Year 2 class and my first year 2 experience.

    Any suggestions? Am I being dramatic?

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