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KS 4 science in SEN /APA provisions what courses are you doing

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by ajsci1, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. ajsci1

    ajsci1 New commenter

    Hi I have to decide which course our APA science students will fo for the new GCSE's
    Previously we have tauaght AQA science A. After much research I think my plan might be offer AQA ELC to all students and top up with the GCSE Trilogy. So as a bare minimum any student who fails to attend exams will at least get the ELC but if they do attend they should hopefully get more that a grade 1. I can't think there is an alternative to the combined science GCSE unless we go down the route of BTech First applied science which won't be in performance data tables after 2016. and will be reviewed in 2017 -so might be a lot of setting up for just 1 year.

    Does anyone have any ideas? What science course are you offering?
  2. shev100

    shev100 New commenter

    I'm thinking of changing to ELC with my bottom set Yr 9 as they are really not doing very well with the topics we have done so far at GCSE (AQA). How are you planning on "topping up to trilogy" teach the extra bits later? Or teach to foundation level as you go along? I'm not sure about trying to teach trilogy and ELC at the same time. Would be interested to hear how you will approach it
  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    This is what I'm doing - I work in a centre for kids who have had problems, many related to special needs. However, I do have some brighter ones who move into a single GCSE science. Fortunately, there are none so far in the 2018 cohort.
    I suspect when this happens I'll end up specialising in one single subject science. We're sufficiently out of the main stream not to have to worry about balanced science although I prefer this.
    My other option may the the AQA technical award when it comes into being.

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