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KS 4 curriculum

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by shanize, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    I would really appreciate some advice and feedback on experiences of using accredited programmes. I am at a school that caters for pupils with moderate learning difficulties. However, the cohort is changing - we now also have pupils with specific learning difficulties.
    I have looked at the following programmes: OCR - Life and Living Entry Level 1-3, ASDAN (PSD EL 1-3), Persornal Progress Plevel - EL 1, Employability EL 2-3 and L1; Edexcel Functional skills and Foundation Learning (EL1 - L2) and Work skills framework.
    I need to hear from colleagues who have used any of these programmes of study - as to how successful they have been, and of course any unsuccessful experiences. My main aim is to develop a curriculum that will povide Functional skills, Personal development, and Vocational experiences for pupils operating between EL 1 - GCSE.
    Do I stick to using 1 provider or do I pick the best out of the 3 and mix? Maybe someone out there has used accredited programmes that I have not yet explored, and you may have a curriculum model that is outstanding.[​IMG]
    Your help will be appreciated!
    Harry Bear!

  2. Ive taught the workskills this year. Im in a mainstream school but we have above average SEN. If you have students on a wide spectrum of ability this can be a good course to follow. This year we have had a group of 14 students working from L2 -E3 going through the Certificate (14 Credits). As the units are broadly similar in terms of content you can teach the core elements/themes of the units and then select the appropriate level of entry. Some of the units can be very pratical and the same pratical elemets can be done by all, it is the level of description and write up of the activity that sets the level in many cases.
    Hope this helps anyway x
  3. Thanks for sharing ideas. Could you please clarify the name of the accrediting board who provides 'work skills' that you have reffered to?
  4. Hi,
    I teach at a KS4 unit for teenagers with social care issues and mental health difficulties, most of which, have Statements. The majority of our young people range from about Level 2 to Level 5 (in NC levels).
    Programmes I have used successfully are as follows:
    Asdan PSD (at Level 1) - I find this slots nicely into PSHE, but can be also used in a more personalised programme to identify and meet need. In many of the modules they have challenges you can write (provided they fulfil the criteria and standards), so I have used this to offer the students social skills and anger management workshops etc. to use towards the programme. I like this course because aside from the controlled challenges, there is not a heavy load of recording documents, like in some of the Asdan programmes.

    Asdan Bronze Award / Asdan Award/Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE/CoPE). I start all our kids off on the Bronze - its good for disengaged students, but also covers a fair bit of life skills (Home management), social skills (Communication) PSHE (Values and Beliefs), so covers quite a good range as well as addressing some literacy and numeracy. If the students are engaged and/or able, it is very easy to 'move' them to onto the accredited courses (AoPE/CoPE), using exactly the same challenges, but using the different recording documents. The recording documents for this are quite dull and long winded tho, so your student needs to be motivated to do them, to achieve the qualification.
    <address>We also use Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT. The provider we use is Edi (same people who deliver Goal Online, if you have heard of them?) Although we do use some of the Edexcel free teacher resources from their website, as they are quite good. One of the main reasons for using Edi is because our student population is very transient and they are so flexible. They offer both online and paper-based delivery, and you can set up and deliver a test in 12 days (for paper based) and 24 hours for an online test.</address><address></address><address>HTH</address><address>Juliet</address>

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