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KS 2 Literacy Research 2012 - participants sought!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eddiecarron, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Every child in our 2011 pilot project predicted to achieve Level 3 English in fact achieved Level 4. There was also a significant increase in the number of Level 5s. I am now launching the second and final phase of the project called Literacy 2012. This is pure research; there are no costs whatsoever for participants and schools which opt to participate are likely to achieve a significant boost to their 2012 Key Stage 2 results.
    Requesting and receiving a free copy of the resources places no obligation to participate although I hope that having seen the resouces, many schools will want to take part. I am hoping to secure the co-operation of five hundred schools making this the biggest research project of it type ever.
    Anyone interested in finding out more, click on http://research2012.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for such a great response - I am aiming for 500 participants and i'm already more than halfway there! Don't forget that this is pure research - there are no costs whatsoever. Particpating schools can expect that every child predicted to achieve Level 3 English willl achieve Level 4.
    Take a look at http://research2012.blogspot.com
    Eddie Carron

  3. Re Northern Ireland participation.

    Yes. Although you do not do Key Stage 2 as such, the assessment you use is very similar and fit into my project nicely .
  4. I asked people to let me have their KS 2 predicted English outcomes for 2012 and many are in fact sending me predictions for Reading and Writing. Can anyone tell me how to calculate the English prediction from these?


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