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knitted handbag!!!! Need a pattern!! Please!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by the apprentice, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I'd love to be at a school long enough to start up a lunchtime or after school knitting club.
    Sorry, can't help with the pattern. However, on the point about knitted bags having a tendency to stretch, the way to avoid it is to use another handicraft skill and sew in a cloth lining.
  2. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    lt always suprises me ,that when you chat about crafts how many people are keen and interested..l did a christmas craft thingy at school and it was amazing to find out that many of the mums did loads of different crafts!! All kept quiet!!
    The inner lining shouldn't be a problem..l'm a lot better with a sewing machine!!!
  3. When I knitted a bag I didn't use a cloth lining. I bought a nylon shopping bag from Primark for a pound or two and sewed that in instead. Its more practical than cloth.
  4. I have just bought Chicks with Sticks Knitting book and some needles etc. I am looking forward to (re)learning how to knit.
    Scarily a friend came round and offered up the Chicks with Sticks Crochet book. her mum had ordered it and got 2 and they both thought I would be the perfect recipient!
    I think I am all set for snow... and some funky bags - the knitting book also has machine felting explained in it!

  5. I love felting, but we do it by hand. It is sooooooooooooo therapeutic.
    We made a couple of these in the Summer - they look so lovely with a jar and tea light inside.
  6. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Ohh they do look nice!! but shame it's not my knitting pattern!! May have to just get the wool and experiment!!!
  7. All that bashing their (t)h(r)eads together??
    I used to do this in an adult day centre, it is extremely therapeutic! I just fancy the idea of knitting and using the washing machine to felt - a hint of uncertainty!! If I ever get round to it I'll let you know how it compares!
  8. I may avail myself of some of those for mine!
    So, how is my great craft exploration going..
    camera - check
    that clever paper you print on an bind to material - check
    sewing machine - check
    bag of assorted material - check (from Freegle)
    needles, threads, books - check
    Oh! The free sewing foot for the sewing machine - I must get one of those or I won't be able to free sew over the photographs I have fused to the material I made bag/wall hanging from!

    Perhaps that's why the piccies are still on the PC, the paper is still in the box, the material is still in the bag, the machine is still upstairs and I'm thinking of knitting!
  9. Excellent idea. I was eyeing up a bundle of offcuts in Liberty only to find they cost £80. [​IMG]
  10. Since I found Freegle I have cleared enough space to house the stuff I collected!
    The bags I have had already been Freegled and the lady who gave them to me had cherry picked the best bits - all of which she said up front. I emailed her with an explanation of why I wanted it and she said it would probably be perfect (it is) and has said she will keep my email and let me know when she has more!
    Mind you the bloke who eventually turned up for the single mattress (brand spanking new) I was Freegling didn't even say thank you. The boiler man was here and asked him if he was always so rude [​IMG]
    But I won't let that put me off!
  11. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    There's a lovely knitting book called something like "knit and b!tch" or similar, they might have the pattern in it. Also, ravelry (website) is very good for patterns.
  12. This one is quite funky and would be really easy to knit if you are a beginner.
    Apparently it is a Suss Cousin's pattern.
    You could use a more "ribbony" garn.

  13. You know the pattern on the front of the book mentioned by Spannerlady in post 11? please has anyone got it and could give me the pattern? Sorry for being cheeky, I can easily see the pattern of the bag itself but I can't work out how to do the curly handles...


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