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knitted handbag!!!! Need a pattern!! Please!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by the apprentice, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Sorry a bit random, but was admiring some ones handbag yesterday and she said she'd knitted it herself!!! lt looked so effective, knitted in bright,ribbon type wool and on 2 circular bangle type things as handles. Had a quick look on the net and can't find anything that looks the same...just wondered if anyone has knitted one too!!!!bit similar to a wendy chic 121 pattern!?!!Here's hoping?!
  2. Hi, I've just bought the Usborne 'How to knit' book (online from The Book People - it was cheap) and there is a handbag in there which sounds like the one you've described.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

  4. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Hi Spannerlady, felt a bit daft posting about knitting on here!! so thanks for replying! Just bought an Usbourne book on sewing!! l love crafts but don't have the time normally....but with 2 weeks off fancy having a go at knitting the handbag,not good at knitting but she said it was dead easy!! will have a look at the book people site, although l'm sure she said it was from a 'pattern' but wont harm to have a look! thanks
  5. Yes there are lots of patterns. I got some handles free with a knitting mag a few weeks ago. Be careful, they can stretch I think. I have got several I can send if you can't find what you like.
  6. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    thanks seren dipty, have had a look at these but can't see it, although it may look different depending on the wool you use...will keep loooking, thanks
  7. Why?A lot of remarkably funky people discuss knitting on here. I am only one example.
  8. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Nice to know l'm in good company then! xx
  9. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    Oooh knitting.... how lovely. Lots of good stuff here....
  10. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    How to knit from the book people has sold out!! Must be more 'knitters' out there than l realised!! will have a look further afield! Determined to find a pattern now!!
  11. The Usborne book is on Amazon and one of the bags it shows you how to knit is on the cover so you can have a quick look. Like you I have great plans to knit over the holiday and this book has some really lovely, unusual and EASY patterns in it. Good luck, you've inspired me too!
  12. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Looked at Amazon...and it's not like that bag!! was soooo hoping it was ,but no! The one l like is 'kind of gathered' on to the hoops that are the handles,not as 'structured' as the one on the title page. Although that does look good!,but keen to find the one that l have seen! Thanks
  13. I have plenty of patterns but am wondering why you don't just ask the friend who knitted hers for the pattern?
  14. ah, just reread - maybe it wasn't a friend [​IMG]

  15. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    No it was a friend, but not a close friend and didn't want to be seen as 'copying her' but we don't usually socialise together so i suppose it wouldn't matter, and l wont see her for sometime,and keen to get on!! Didn't want to hassle her...l was interested and was hoping she would offer, but maybe she didn;t knit it so she couldn't offer me the pattern!
  16. Well, it would be worth asking.
    I don't think any of us knitters are ever bothered about sharing patterns [​IMG]
  17. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cable-knit-evening-handbag like this but without the cable..and the one she had was knitted in fabulous, funky wool...with bits dangling off!!! Sounds awful but it looked great!
  18. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

  19. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Ahhh.. thats so kind ,to translate the pattern, but it looks a bit tricky for me..l'm a total novice..and the 'cable' bit would be beyond me!! But it's very similar. My mum knits and she could probably 'write' her own pattern but l want to knit one for her as a suprise!

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