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Knee Cartiliage Tear

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by giggirl, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I had a knee arthroscopy in March due to similar symptoms, locking knee, leg giving way. A very small tear was found but my main problem is my age; wear and tear, osteoarthritis!! It sounds, from your post, that you are young, if this is the case a tear can be repaired with key hole surgery very successfully. You may be on crutches for a while but the prognosis is very good.
    All the best.
  2. Thanks for replying. Yes I am in my early twenties, however first tore the cartillage when I was 13 and it was treated conservatively then. However MRI now shows very ripped cartillage and its also displaced, no choice but surgery now. Hopefully won't be on crutches too long. Has your operation given you some releif from the symptoms? Thanks.
  3. Tore mine aged 44, no idea how. Limped about on crutches for a while, consultant said success rate of op was iffy so if I could limp on, do so. Limped on for years until I could only get upstairs by hauling myself by the arms up the rails and had it done. Recovery time - days. Was on crutches for a few days, went back to work the next week. I can sprint up the stairs now at 54.
  4. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    I had bilateral knee arthroscopies on 21st December last year. They filled down my cartilage and gave it all a general tidy up. I was on crutches for just a couple of days. Went back to worth on 4th January after stopping at the hospital to have my stitches out!
  5. Thanks for the replies, glad to hear quick recoveries. My consultant said 6-8 weeks recovery to me. When I suggested if I had it at start of Easter holidays I would have 2 weeks before needing to be in school he practically laughed at me and said my knee would still be much to swollen and sore. Will have to wait and see I guess but hoping it'll be more along the lines of what you have experienced.
  6. I was told six weeks and believe me would have taken all six if I'd been teaching but really it was a bit sore and ached a bit.
  7. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    Ice packs and tubigrip will become your new best friends. I think I managed to go back so soon as I teach year 6 and was able to do a lot of my teaching from just sitting down with my legs up when necessary. If I had KS1 I think I would've need a couple more weeks off. My kids were great, they'd carry everything I needed and became very protective of me when we were walking down the corridor in case anyone bumped into me (although I did have to put up with their jokes of was it worth going to the ICT suite cos I was walking that slow it would be time to go back to class by the time we got there!)
    I was also not allowed to teach PE, do playground duty or assembly for 8 weeks so you need colleagues who are quite understanding!
  8. Mine was also trimmed and cleaned out, but I'm old and it's an arthritic wear and tear knee, where as you are young and will repair quickly!! [​IMG]
  9. Hi, Are you totally non-weight bearing or toe touching. It makes a huge difference to your recovery. If they have said you can toe touch, practise it loads. I was non-weight bearing (bed-bound) for six weeks after a tibial plateau break combined with ligament rips, tears and stretches. The biggest problem has been recovering from the non-weight bearing phase, keep your leg mobile as soon as you have any degree of bend allowed. I was so grateful for this advice, it has meant that I should now have a full recovery. Six months on and I can walk on the flat and hardly have any kind of limp. Keep your chin up its a long hard road but you'll get there in the end.
  10. Tigger1962

    Tigger1962 New commenter

    I am still rehabbing a knee injury that I got last November - however it was such a complex injury that in the end they decided not to operate as extensive and invasive surgery was not thought to give great results
    Just got fitted with a new knee brace today! Hoping to go back to work part time in September
  11. Thanks. I am allowed to touch my foot down just not put any weight through it. Brace allowing 70 degrees of flexion so have been keeping my knee moving as much as the brace allows. Slightly concerned at the amount of muscle wasting already, my leg is like a twiglet and to be honest looks a bit disgusting. Those of you who spent 6 weeks or so on crutches, what were your experiences of this? I`m not sure its supposed to have wasted this badly, I`ve been doing all the exercises I`m allowed religiously though.
  12. Muscle wastage is normal, and you will get your muscle back, but it will take time and effort. You will have to be patient with yourself and obviously follow your doctors advice. Do any Physio exercises you are given, and if you can get some ongoing Physio for a while that will really help. It is frustrating, and I can fully empathise! My experience is a little different, as I had ankle surgery, but I was in plaster (non weight bearing) from knee to toe for 7 weeks, followed by 5 weeks in a knee to toe boot, with some ankle flexion, but still on crutches. I wasn't technically meant to bear much weight at all, but by week 4 I pottered around indoors for a short time without crutches. It was still several months after that before I walked limp free though. My lower leg really suffered with muscle - I lost a full 2" from the circumference of my calf. Two years on, despite ongoing problems with that ankle/foot, that leg is now only about 1cm smaller, not so noticeable :)

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