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Kitting out an arts space - sound/amplification etc

Discussion in 'Music' started by IMaMac, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. I would recomened a 16 channel mixing desf (Mackie) and A PA, preferably a Powered speaker so they can't be blown with 350 wats per channel.

    I would also connect it up to a PC or Mac if you have the money so that you can play back recordings but can also use digital media such as Spotify?Itunes youtube.

    This is obviously a no moneys a problem situation, but always a good starting point

  2. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    And how about a couple of hanging mics, to record class and concert performances?
  3. linber

    linber New commenter

    Thanks for both bits of advice - much appreciated. The meeting about this is tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) so if anyone has any last minute advice ... thanks!
  4. If its a large space and you will be miking rock bands you will typically need:
    • 16 channel mixing desk and resonably powerful speakers
    • Monitors for the singers
    • Shure SM58s for each singer/saxophonist etc..
    • Shure SM57s for each guitar amp
    • Samson 7 drum mic set
    • Di box for bass (use bass amp to monitor)
    • 2 Di boxes for keyboards
    You can plug in an mp3 player/laptop really easily with a jack to phono in to the tape in on the mixing desk.
    That's for a typical rock band set-up. For a bare minimum you can get by with just putting keyboards and singers throught the PA and getting the bass guitarist and electric guitarists to use their amps only (not miced up or di-ed) and maybe only mic up the snare and kick drum. For a bare minimum setup you can get by with a mxiing desk with less channels too.
    If you need any more help I'd be happy to price-up a package for you.

  5. Hanging mics is something I would never do when recording professionally. The bare minimum for a good sound from a choir for example would be:
    2 good small diaphragm condensers (RODE NT5 for example) in ORTF formation 12 feet infront of the choir.

  6. Oh and obviously if you go the route of micing up everything it's then very easy to record a whole band by using the main outs from the mixing desk. But that's the most costly approach.
  7. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    I bet the evenings fly by in superlocrian's house. Lennox.

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