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Kirklees/Calderdale GTP....

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by wan2teach, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Hi just wondering if anyone applied to Kirklees Gtp and if they have heard anything from them as yet? Just that I heard on the grapevine at school that interview letters have been sent out and we should have received them by today. Cheers
  2. Hi just wondering if anyone applied to Kirklees Gtp and if they have heard anything from them as yet? Just that I heard on the grapevine at school that interview letters have been sent out and we should have received them by today. Cheers
  3. Hi there! I've applied for a Primary place for GTP in Kirklees but haven't heard anything yet on interview front - it's agonising!! Good luck!
  4. Hi there thanks for sharing...still agonising though I agree!
  5. Hi Wan2 (we meet again!)

    I got a letter on Saturday from Kirklees inviting me for interview (but still haven't said when it will be!). However, I've applied for secondary science so primary might be different.

  6. Hi Digga
    nice to hear from you again. Well done for getting interview. Ive received mine today and have also landed myself an interview for Primary again. Just hope I get in this time. Good luck
    Any others out there for Kirklees
  7. Hi there
    Just got news that I have an interview on Friday the 16th for Primary GTP! When is your interview?
  8. Hey emma mines 16th too in the morning! will I see you there-where is yours and when
  9. Hi there!

    It's at The Deighton Centre at 1.30pm. What does it say in your letter? I think they may have sent me the secondary letter not the primary letter as they tell me that I'll be expected to answer questions on the understanding of my subject and the place of my subject in the curriculum!?

    Good luck with yours! Let me know how you get on!
  10. Hi emma
    yea im at same place but in the morning so i wont see you. I think they just send a standard letter to everyone but still I would think about how you can fit it into the primary curriculum- even if the subject of your degree is not relevant you can match it with the skills required to teach certain subjects plus ict & literacy skills required to complete esays/diss etc. Good luck
  11. How did the interview go? I was really nervous, but once I got in there I began to relax and could have talked all afternoon! The interviewers were really nice and put me at ease. They did mention the fact that 80 people had applied and they were interviewing 40 for 17 places! So it's just a question of waiting now, they indicated that it could be Easter, but more like mid-May before we'll know whether we have a place or not!
  12. Hi
    Yes like you was very nervous but they were good and soon put me at ease and I didnt want the interview to end! But I completely forgot to ask them when I would hear from them! Suppose I would have got the same answer as you anyway and the waiting is going to kill me. I was unsuccessful last year and although I felt the interview went a lot better because they were giving me really positive comments Im not building my hopes. Its difficult to say the exact criteria theyre looking for and usually its filling the priority subject areas and men into primary etc. So for the left over places I guess its a bit like winning the lottery!
    Good Luck!
  13. Hi everyone
    Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to you all. I'm half-way through my GTP - I was lucky enough to get on last year. Just a note - they were late letting us know whether or not we had been successful last year, so don't hold your breath. Still I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all.
  14. Hi Lily

    How are you finding the course and the support from the DRB? I've heard mixed reports. Also what's your background, I'm coming from 8 years in publishing with weekly volunteering in schools, however it did seem that alot of interviewees were already working fulltime in schools as TAs etc?

  15. @thanks lily for your support.
    Same queries as emma and also are you primary?
  16. Hi
    Yes, I am doing primary. Support from DRB seemed inadequate at first, but in my case, I think that I was just overly paranoid about what I needed to do. It seems much better now, but that may be because although it's getting hectic, I feel so much more confident. I worked in school as TA for 8 years but only a few afternoons per week. Athough I got general experience, it was only a foundation for what I've learnt since September, so I wouldn't worry about the experience you've had, but concentrate on getting the most from what you might get (if that makes any sense). Anyway, good luck to you both.
    Lily xx.
  17. hi all, did they interview 40 people for secondary school or for primary?
  18. Hi there

    As far as I'm aware it was 40 for Primary, not sure about Secondart sorry! Have you applied for Secondary?
  19. yes i have emma..worried sick..dont know when were going to hear from them..hate the wait...
  20. Hi guys
    Well for those of you who havent heard it may be good news. Unfortunately I have heard only to be told that Ive been unsuccessful :(
    Im absolutely gutted I havent been able to get any feedback yet but someone else I know whose also been turned down was told that the standard of applicants was extremely high and the reasons for being unsuccessful were marginal and does not mean that you did not meet the criteria. Well small consolation really bu there you go.
    Anyway I wish you people the very best of luck!!

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