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Kirklees and Bradford GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jackguyan, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Did you enjoy Jork whist you did your Master's? I know the commute to Jork is going to be expensive and I hope that my placements won't be too far a distance to travel; but I'm prepered to put with this for a year!!
    What is a TEFL course? I think any form of experience whether teaching or working with children will be beneficial for your application next year. Good luck
  2. Hi Jupiter. I got my letter today to say I have been successful! I am so pleased and also very shocked, I was convinced it would be bad news. Really hope you hear soon and it's good news. Laura.
  3. Which subject was that for? Sorry if you've already posted that further back in the thread and I missed it.
  4. Hi Rachael, I'm very excited too, it's still sinking in! I'm doing ks1/ks2. I guess we'll be having an induction meeting shortly to give us some further information so I'll see you there. Laura
  5. Gtprami, thank you for the lovely congratulations message. Believe in yourself and keep going. I'm sure you will be successful next year x
  6. Hi,

    no, nothing yet!
    Surely mot much longer?!!!
    It's 6 months since I started filling in the application and I just want to know one way or another now.
  7. Oh no that sucks! sorry to hear that. Did they give you any useful feedback?
  8. Im sorry to hear that. I found out I got my place yesterday, was convinced I hadnt as my envelope too only had one sheet in it! But to my amazement I had finally done it!! I dont have school to train in yet so It's not set in stone and am still anxious but on the whole it's looking positive!! Anyway i just wanted to let you know that I applied last year and didnt get on- my feedback was that someone had just a bit more experience than me so since then I have thrown myself into the subject, I shadowed head of department when not covering lessons (am currently a cover supervisor) ran my out of school clubs, went out of my way to gather any evidence of things had done, such as planning lessons or joint assessing work, got involved with everything and anything I could that would prove I could better my experience, and collected proof that I had done it along the way. I was then this year able to take a portfolio, of things that evidenced all the new experience I had gained, into the interview and I think this had a long way to go in getting me on the course- maybe something similar would help you next time? Good luck, and keep at it, if you prove it means everything to you and that you are willing to soak it all up youll get on eventually. I hope this helps.
  9. PS sorry for appalling grammar, was typing quickly and on reading my post back some bits dont make sense!- Go easy on me its my first time posting!!
  10. Hi Melissa,
    it'd god to hear from someone who has almost finished their training. Yes, i really got on with Sarah and would love to hear from her again.
    Have you got a job? Did you do KS1 or KS2? I'm doing upper primary at York.
  11. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for letting Sarah know.When do you actually finish your GTP? I'm going to be doing upper primary at York. Do college prepare you for jobs, i.e interview techniques?
  12. Hi Laura. Well done on getting your place with Kirkless. You must be finishing soon. Do you have any advice or tips for the interview process? I've applied for GTP Primary. So nervous! Have no idea what to expect. The reading & writing task scares me. Any advice would be grately appreciated.

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