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Kirklees and Bradford GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jackguyan, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Hi well done on your PGCE course excellent uni York. First time with Bradford so i feel very lucky indeed, however i applied to STORM went to the assesment day and interview but they didnt think my school had enough experience of providing ITT. I was also lucky enough to get a place on a PGCE at Liverpool but opted for the GTP course as it works best for me. Its so hard these days to even get interviews with the high level of candidates applying and with the funding cuts its just going to get worse. By the time i had my Bradford interview i was a little more at ease having been for the Liverpool and STORM interviews saying that they were all very different and very difficult so im proud of myself and you should be too, and anyone for even trying really, the knock backs hurt and damage your confidence but things work out for a reason i believe and the PGCE will be fab. Good luck with it xx
  2. Thank you. I couldn't agree more with what you said. It's extremely hard to get onto any ITT, especially with no bursary for the PGCE now. What is the STORM? Do you know what funding there is available for the GTP yet? I was worried that there would be quite a short fall and my school wouldn't be able to fund me!! Good luck wih the GTP.
  3. I believe that the funding for GTP is the same as last year so my school will have a shortfall of about £2300 to make up. I double checked with my school that they were able to make up this shortfall before I accepted Bradford's offer (training at my school). I was offered a place from Wakefield as well and they place successful candidates in one of their partnership schools who are obviously prepared to pay the shortfall. I didn't want to turn down this offer and then find out that I couldn't accept Bradford's offer!! Danielle - what day did you interview at Bradford? Maybe I met you??

  4. Hi D,
    Thanks for your message. I'm doing my PGCE at University of East London in upper primary. Would have been good to get Bradford because I could have moved up north to join my future hubby. Just means that I have to keep him waiting for another year or so.
    I agree with you in that things seem to happen for a reason, so not going to let the rejection get me down. It was actually a relief to get an answer from Bradford after days of wondering if my letter had got lost in the post - which it seems to have done.
    Good luck with your PGCE at York. That's a really good university. They were ranked in the top 20 for initial teacher training providers in UK and also rated 'Outstanding' by OFSTED!
  5. Yes, York is a very good university and the whole interview day was really nice; although hard work. I'm really looking forward to it and feel relaxed now I know what I'm doing.
    Good luck with your PGCE. It would be nice to share ideas and talk about our experiences!
  6. Hi again, STORM - solford, trafford, oldham, rochdale, manchester councils you need to have a school within one of those boroughs to apply for the Gtp route they offer. As for funding unsure hoping its the same as last year... All the very best Dan x
  7. Oh, I see! Enjoy your GTP. I'm looking forward to my induction day and meeting other colleagues! Good luck!
  8. Hi, is anyone else waiting to hear from Kirklees? I got excited the other day when 2 people posted re their success, well done to you. But 2 days on I still haven't heard anything. This waiting is painful!!!
  9. Hi,
    I got my letter from Kirklees late last week, to tell me I have been successful. As my school are supporting my training, it was very good news. Good luck to everyone waiting, well done to those who have been successful.
  10. I'm still waiting to hear back from my application for Secondary GTP. Getting really nervous. Checking my emails every few minutes even though I'm sure that it will be a letter not an email.
    Anyone heard about Secondary yet? Or are the successes all Primary?
  11. jupiter, I rang the GTP Office yesterday and the answering machine message said that the office is not open now until 3rd May, so perhaps you shouldn't expect a reply in the next few days. Alternatively, you can always call Hecky Grammar and ask them when the GTP Office will re-open.
  12. Jupiter, I am doing just the same, checking my email all the time although I'm sure we will get a letter. Someone else posted that they asked when we would hear and were told hopefully during the week after Easter. It has surprised me that some people heard over a week ago whilst others are still waiting. I was really hoping to return to work after the holidays knowing what I'll be doing next year! Fingers crossed for success!
  13. I don't mean to get your hopes up, but I would assume that they are taking so long because there is a good chance you have been successful. When I spoke to the GTP Administrator, she said that letters would go out once satisfactory references have been received. I remember thinking that schools are closed over Easter, so it would probably be after Easter before I heard back. The next day I got my rejection letter! I would assume they are waiting for references, perhaps?
  14. Congratulations to all those who have been successful in attaining places for teacher training. I am just coming to the end of my GTP at Bradford and it has been quite an eventful but enjoyable time. My advice to you all is to keep on top of your work, don't think 'Oh I will do all that stuff nearer the end'. It doesn't wotk like that, you must do your focus tasks early enough, keep records of everything you do, start creating your portfolio as soon as you startin Sept don't wait for the college to tell you to do it, you can already start keep records of staff meetings, observations, etc... By the time you get to this satge, teaching 80% of the time it is very difficult to be planning, resourcing, teaching, marking, attending meetings, writing reports etc as well as doing all the college work you need to do. Make sure your college notes for each subject are comprehensive and together with handouts in a file because then you can give this to your tutor and they will sign you off on having completed that subject and that signing off sheet can go in your standards - everything is possible evidence. Get a good camera, photos make fantastic evidence, annotate evrything you do, especially your planning - showing how you have had to change it because its been too hard/easy or its highlighted sanother area to cover. Sorry to go on but you need all the help you can get, it is fantastic but very, very intensive and hard but ENJOY IT XX
  15. Melissa,
    Thank you for all the great advice, it is valuable and very much appreciated. I can't wait to get started in September but it is a bit daunting! I guess you are in the process of applying for jobs now - crikey, that must be exciting! Good luck for the future and thanks again!
  16. Thanks for all the advice Melissa! I was wondering whether any 'evidence' we collect now will be allowed to be used if we are starting the course in September. I've been taking photos this year but am unsure whether they are worth keeping and filing? I'm looking forward to the induction day in June and hearing more about what the course entails. I just can't wait to get started!! If you have any more advice, I'd love to hear!! Jo
  17. Thanks Rachel. Got to wait even longer then. Just want to know now!
  18. Hi Debbie,

    Which university in York is it? I am starting at York St Johns for primary pgce in sept hopefully if I can afford. Found out I hadn't got on the Kirklees GTP yesterday so just having to weigh up my options as the commute will cost me quite a lot but really want to start my training being waiting a year already!

  19. Just received a letter from B-NETT confirming a place on the Teach Leeds scheme teaching secondary music! The letter was dated 26/04 so they must have got round to it sooner than expected. Has anyone else applied to the Teach Leeds programme? Looking forward to finding out my school allocation, the letter says they will be sorting this in a few weeks so not too long to wait!
  20. Hi Debbie and Lucy, I wish my GTTR application had gone through sooner and then perhaps, I could have been doing the Upper Primary PGCE with you guys. Unfortunately, I didn't get onto the Kirklees (Primary) GTP. In addition to that, I didn't get onto a PGCE course either because my referee sent in my reference at the end of January, claiming she had not received any reference requests from GTTR! I was reluctant about applying to York as I used to live there when I did my Masters, but thought the commute would work out expensive-not to mention the travelling costs to wherever my placements might be! Now, those initial concerns aside, I wish I had got a place at York-or anywhere else nearby- instead of having to wait yet another year!

    I have done a TEFL course, and I am thinking of going abroad somewhere (French speaking preferably, but North Africa and The Levant, is probably not the best location at the moment, considering!) Does anyone have any ideas whether this would help or hinder my application for next year? I could be teaching either, children or adults. Actually, do I need to start a separate thread for this! I don't know.!.!.!.!

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