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Kirklees and Bradford GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jackguyan, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. With interviews only finishing yesterday it seems as though Wakefield people won't formally find out until after Easter.
  2. Marie - I interviewed for Wakefield last Monday. I just received a voice mail this afternoon saying they'd like to take me through to the next stage. I need to send a message back though because I think I'm going with Bradford as I can stay at my school where I have amazing support. I hope you got the same message xxx

  3. Super congratulations to you - you are in demand! :)
    I am still waiting to hear from Wakefield...has anybody else heard anything?


  4. Thanks. Yes I agree, it's been really good speaking with others going through the same thing!!
    Good luck to everyone who will be doing an ITT course in September.
  5. Hi, YES YES YES !!!!!!!!! I got a call at 5.30 pm thought I hadn't got in at Wakefield but I have . WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry a little over excited.

    Good luck
  6. Marie, that's fab news x well done love!
    We should all stay in touch next year to share ideas etc x
  7. Oh Marie!!! What FANTASTIC news!!! Hope you are planning on celebrating this weekend :D. Shame I've decided to go with Bradford as we would have been training together! But as Jemma says, we all need to keep in touch. Well done again, that's brilliant news xx
  8. I agree, we should all keep in touch; compare experiences and support each other. Which ever route you take into teaching, we'll all get there next year!!!
    Well done Marie. Are you going to celebrate this weekend?
  9. Congrats to those who got into Wakefield! It's a great course, and great provider. What subject are you doing? Any indication of which school yet?
  10. Heym I had my interview for Kirklees too - I found te reading task hard too - i've not heard anything yet have you? do you know when we will hear - i'm not holding much hope thou!!
  11. Congrats Marie! Excellent news.
    Was it Primary that you applied for?
    Has anyone heard any news about Secondary?


  12. Hi all thanks so much!!!
    Had my Graduation yesterday at Harrogate so it all came together at the right time for me.
    It's Primary, should be getting a letter this week with more details.
    Im still on a high !! Ive been at my school for the past 20 years (since 18) so it will be a huge change for me but i'm so excited for the challenge!!
  13. Hey Chris, what phase/subject did you apply for?

    (.....are we still on Wakefield here?!?)
  14. Hi,
    Has anyone heard from Bradford for Teach Leeds GTP yet? I had my interview on 31st March but haven't had a letter from them yet.
  15. I applied to Kirklees for Primary.
    Nervously awaiting a response!
  16. My application was for Bradford general partnership and we heard within 2 weeks. Hope you hear soon, the wait is excrutiating isn't it!!!
  17. Yes, the wait is really horrible. I couldn't take it any more so just called up Bradford to see whether or not they had sent out the letters. Was told they sent out letters for for Teach Leeds this week, so I should get my letter in the post soon. Didn't have the courage to ask if I was accepted or rejected.
  18. Good luck Amy!! Let us know when you hear!! xx
  19. From reading the threads welldone to all those who have been offered places this year, and a big hug for those trying again, chin up and dont give up. Ive been lucky enough to secure a place at Bradford any other fellow sept 2011 students to be on here would be good to meet you.
  20. I agree it's been nice reading and contributing to all these chats. I was unsuccessful at Bradford, but am doing a PGCE at York in September. Was this your first time applying at Bradford Danielle?I agree ;if first you don't succeed, keep trying and don't give up!!!!

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