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Kirklees and Bradford GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jackguyan, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Yeah, Wakefield LEA is quite wide-spread and during rush hour can take a long time to get from one side to the other. And as they assign you to a school you can't just choose one close to you. I think we'll be hearing from Bradford quite soon as they were only interviewing for those 2 days. Getting nervous and excited! I'm going to be checking out the post every day after school now. If we both get accepted you'll have to message me your name etc so I can look out for you on induction day :D
  2. Yes, I think we will hear from them towards the end of next week!!! So hopefully we'll know before the Easter hols. We break up on the 8th April. Does your school break up then or the following Friday?
  3. Yes, we break up on the 8th also. I was told we would definitely hear before the Easter hols! Possibly a bit earlier!!!
  4. What subject did you guys apply for?
  5. emacd21

    emacd21 New commenter

    Hi, If you are a qualified teacher from Overseas why are you not doing the QTS with a school? You dont have to do GTP again???? I am an overseas trained teacher and I am teaching here. I have four years to gain my QTS as an OTT (overseas trained teacher). Look in to it. I just had to get my eqivalency from NARIC and then work in a school and do you QTS. I would definatly check into this.
  6. It's for primary. Yes, I qualified overseas but to do the OTT I would need to find a school to employ me as an unqualified teacher and I had no luck because I didn't actually teach there - I graduated then moved back to the UK. My school is willing to support me on the GTP as they would get funding to help pay salary etc. If I'm unfortunate and don't get a place this year then it's something I might consider. Which country did you qualify in and how long did you teach there?

  7. I applied for primaryGTP KS1/KS2. Are you applying for the GTP or have you already gained QTS?
  8. I'm doing my GTP this year in secondary.
  9. where abouts are you doing it? Ia it your first year of applying?
  10. My interview for the Kirklees GTP went terribly. I feel so down. I was really banking on this to get into teaching from my previous work. I've taken such a risk and I feel so disappointed in myself. It wasn't so much the actual interview. The people on the panel were lovely. It was the task which let me down. I had no idea what they were expecting of me beforehand so felt underprepared once I got in there. Did anyone else who has done the Kirklees GTP interview struggle with the task?
  11. what did you have to do? Have you applied anywhere else? I'm waiting to hear from Bradford.
  12. Don't beat yourself up about it, you will have done better than you think. It's nice to hear the panel were nice. I wonder some people whoare interviewing feel they need to appeal stern and efficious?
    What was the reading task? Different places always have different testing strategies, such as bringing in an object, or preparing a presentation on something topical. What is Kirklees approach?
    Best of luck!
  13. Have you heard from Bradford yet? I received a letter on saturday to say that I'd been unsuccessful!! I was very disappointed and surprised, as my interview went really well. I know I answered questions well and detailed. I just don't know what they want. I feel as if the feedback they gave didn't really reflect the truth at all!!!!
  14. Thats rubbish! The candidates from last year said the same thing. Have you tried EM Direct? They still have places available.
  15. Anyone heard anything from Bradford yet ?
    Last day for interviews at Wakefield today (its been a long week !!!!!)
    One minute I feel positive the next I am doubting myself :0(
    Really hope we get to find out this week - although I can't see how they can make a decision in one day?
    P.S well done Jemma really pleased for you if it doesn't work out for me at Wakefield I will looking to do the same as you.
  16. I got my letter from Bradford today and it's good news!! I'm thrilled to bits! Anyone else get their letters today?
  17. That fab news well done!
    Were u teach Leeds or general? Seriously good job as the competition was ridiculous!
  18. Well done!! I'm going to take my offer of the PGCE at York now. Good luck for next year. Busy year ahead for both of us!!! [​IMG]
  19. Congratulations you must be soooooooo pleased and relieved !!!!!
    Competition was so high this year I didn't even get an interview on 20 years experience at Bradford !
    What if you get in at Wakefield as well which one would you take???

  20. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I just didn't want to get my hopes up at all because I couldn't risk feeling devastated if I wasn't successful! (that's what happened last year when I didn't get a place at Kirklees after I felt the interview went well). It's with Bradford's general partnership (not Teach Leeds). If I get offered a place with Wakefield too, I think I'll still go with Bradford as I will be training at my own school. Wakefield would place me in one of their schools. I had to apply for both though to keep my options open. I just couldn't afford to put all my eggs in one baskets, iykwim?? Good luck Marie with Wakefield. My interview there was the first day of interviewing so I knew I'd be in for a long wait with them anyway! And 1008.......(can't remember the rest of the numbers, lol) - good luck with your PGCE. Whichever course we are all doing, we'll all get the same result in a year - QTS!! It's been fab to chat on here with others going through the same thing!

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