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Kirklees and Bradford GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jackguyan, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Does that mean there's only 22 places for the primary GTP? !!
  2. Yep split equally between teach Leeds and general- 11 each x
  3. That's not many students is it? Where are you based with EM direct?
    Last year I applied to Bradford and had an interview, but was unsuccessful. There were 28 places available. Is this your first year of applying?
  4. Not at all and they had some mega qualified people apply. I applied for bnett 3 years ago and they said lack of experience which was right when I look back.
    I'm based in a Leeds school with sessions at their base over the year.
  5. Good luck at Leeds. I have been working as a HLTA for 6 years in both KS1 and KS2.
  6. Interview tomorrow!!! Anyone else besides me and D on here have an interview with Bradford?? I'm starting to get nervous!! Jo
  7. Yes me to!! it's come round very quickly. Good luck tomorrow. My interview is at 1: 20.
    I will let you know tomorrow how I gat on!!
  8. Hi all,
    I am thinking about apply for both Kirkless and Bradford but Ive also read up on the new TeachLeeds scheme however to do this you cant apply for bradford as well :(
    Has anyone had any experience with either as I'm wondering if I'm better off applying to Kirklees and Bradford or TeachLeeds and Kirklees. I want the best chance of getting a placement and a better choice if possible??

  9. I hope we are both celebrating soon!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if anyone else tuning in has had an interview at Bradford for the GTP? Did they say how many places were available for Sept?
  10. One of the candidates who had her interview the same time as me asked how many interviews/places but they said they couldn't tell her. All I know is there were about 28 last year but this year they are split between Bradford Partnership and Teach Leeds so half for each programme? I think the interviews were Thursday and Friday so as many as they could see in those two days were interviewed (3 at a time?). I assume that approx half of those interviewed will be getting a place. But that's just a guess!
  11. Hey guys, I know for def that they are interviewing twice as many candidates as places as i know a teach Leeds head. Good luck and well done x
  12. My interview for Wakefield is actually being held at a primary school in the LEA. There's a written task and interview with a panel but instead of bringing an object I have to do a 10 min presentation with a group of children. This is the first interview I'll have had where they actually see me interact with children. Hope they behave themselves, lol. There are only 6 or 7 places for primary with Wakefield so very stiff competition. Not sure how many they are interviewing. I actually should be busy preparing for the interview right now, lol. Best get to it :D

  13. Best of luck. Why are there so few places???You've done very well to get an interview then!!! That's a bit different working with children - although quite nice in a way. Let me know how you get on!
  14. Mines on Wednesday for Wakefield, feel I have prepared all I can - will just have to hope its enough !!! Really want this placement.

  15. Good luck Marie! Mine's all done now. Now it's just a waiting game. I should hear from Bradford before Wakefield as Wakefield are interviewing up until the end of next week! I'm not sure how many they are interviewing, but it sounds a lot if it's taking 2 weeks. I felt it went really well but you never know! I don't think I could have prepared anymore than I did! I was able to answer all the answers confidently so know I've done all I can. I assume all the candidates are going to be high quality so I wouldn't want their job of choosing! Getting a placement means so much to everyone who applies!!!
  16. Your interview sounded as if it went very well. Were the questions similar to the Bradford interview? I've been thinking if all candidates for the GTP are high quality- what are they looking for in someone who secures a place!!!
  17. D - the questions were quite similar to the Bradford interview. I felt better prepared this time as I had reflected on the answers I gave last week and could add to and improve my answers a little. Your question is a good one! I just hope that WE have what they are looking for!!!
  18. Having 2 interviews so close together is really good. Had anybody there today applied to Bradford for the GTP?
    Will you do the GTP at your current school? Which area do you work in? I live and work in North Yorkshire.
  19. I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone else today, unlike last week. If I am accepted at Bradford I will do it at my current school. If I'm accepted by Wakefield I'll have to do it in one of their partnership schools. I live and work in West Yorkshire.
  20. I thought about applying to Wakefield but thought it was a bit too far to travel. It's hard to switch off when you've been preparing for interviews isn't it. I wonder if they've started looking at the interviews from last week today.

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