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Kirklees and Bradford GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jackguyan, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. I Applied to Bradford and still not heard anything. It said on the application form that if they have not contacted you within 2 weeks of the deadline (10th March) you haven't got on but I'm keeping my fingers crossed until I hear that someone has got on it!

  2. Hi Joanne,

    I handed in a very late application to the Kirklees GTP and have an interview with them. Have you heard anything yet? Anyone have any interview tips, especially in regards to the activity. I was feeling confident until I read the experience of last year's candidates! [​IMG]
  3. Adrian - when did you hear from Kirklees? I handed my application form in at the beginning of January but they then changed the deadline to the end of the month. I had an interview with them last year and was hoping that I'd get one this year too since one year down the line my application was stronger.

  4. Yup I got rejection letters from them both today, second year of applying... same uninformative feedback! I think they want blood!
  5. So sorry to hear that Katie! And both on the same day sucks!!! I'm STILL waiting to hear from both of them! Can't stand all this waiting! This is my second year of applying for Kirklees (had interview last year but was then unsuccessful) and first year for Bradford. I don't know WHAT they want! I dashed home today to check the post. And so tomorrow will be the same - stressing about it all day!!
  6. Hi everyone.
    I got my letter today inviting me to interview on April 6th. I've applied for Primary. VERY nervous! I read the posts about Kirklees GTP applicant last year, which filled me with dread!
    Which stage have others applied for? Good luck to everyone.
  7. Well done Chris! Here's hoping my letter arrives tomorrow and that it's good news!! I'm applying for Primary too. Those who have been successful - how many times have you applied (first year??) and what kind of experience have you had working with children?
  8. Hi all

    I got a no from bnett too. I run an education department for an arts company and have 8 years experience of ed.
    Luckily I have a place with em direct and they still have places left if you can find your own school. Try them as they have loads more places than local providers.

    Good luck everyone x
  9. Sorry to hear you got a 'no' too. But pleased you've got somewhere :D Do EM direct pay your 'salary? My school say I can do it there, but they can't afford to pay me the training grant (previously around £15k and hopefully still around that!).
  10. I don't know what to say to the posts above really. I am shocked that you guys have so much experience and so much to offer but yet have been rejected by Kirklees. Kirklees must be mad. I won't go into my previous career, but I am not from an educational background and at the time of applying, I had only two months worth of experience in my role as a T.A., so I am shocked really by the entire process. It doesn't seem to make sense. I must admit I was hoping to get through to interview stage, although not expecting it, and I doubt I will eventually be offered a place. To all of you, good luck, I hope you have good news, and if you haven't heard anything, here's to hoping there's something better in store awaiting. I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason! Best of luck!

    And if anyone has any interview tips and activity guidance, please feel free to share!
  11. Hi Adrian_M,
    Well done on getting an interview with Kirklees, may I ask when it is? Mine is April 6th.
    Everyone else sounds to be so experienced!

  12. Being male will really help your application if you are primary as it is one of the shortage areas.
    I am 25, married and white (like thousands of other primary teachers). Children need male role models in primary schools and it is definitely a good move.

    Well done on getting an interview guys x Hope it goes really well.
  13. Just received my letter from Bradford today and I've got an interview!! I'm so excited but it's only next week, eek!!
  14. Hi
    Well done. I'm still waiting to hear.
    Did you apply to the teach leeds or bradford?
  15. Received a letter from Bradford today. I have got an interview next Thursday 24th March 1.20 pm!! What time is your interview?
  16. My interview is at 10.10am and it's with Bradford General Partnership (not Teach Leeds). Not far off at all! And they say that we will know within 14 days whether or not we have been successful. So in less than a month we'll know, eeek!!! So excited and nervous at the same time!! D - have you thought about what object you are taking? I've got a couple of ideas so need to narrow it down to one!
  17. My interview is with Bradford General Partenership. I'm surprised at how near the interview date is! Itoo feel excited and nervous at the same time. I had an interview there last year but was unsuccessful. How about you? I've a couple of ideas for the presentation- maybe a puppet; how about you?
  18. Congrats on your bradford interviews guys- they had 100 + applications for each and are interviewing 22 for 11 place on each. You have done so well to get one x
  19. This is my first application to Bradford. I applied to Kirklees and Wakefield last year and had an interview with Kirklees (obviously unsuccessful!). This year I've applied to all 3 and got interviews with Bradford and Wakefield but not Kirklees!! A puppet sounds a great idea! I'm thinking that the simpler the better? Jemma, thank you! Where did you find that info from? Interesting!!
  20. I know a teach Leeds head and she did the short listing with them.

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