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Kirkie's Marvellous Maternity Department

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kirkiecustard, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    I'm so glad this throwing up things stops eventually. Though knowing me I'll be one of these women that has it all through the pregnancy
  2. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Yeah..sorry I didn't mean to be flippant.

    Arrgh, still being sick?! I began to feel less sick at the end of last week, 'great' I thought, then last night I was nausea central and was in bed at 8.45.
  3. Hermie what a lovely school cleaner you have. All mine do is moan about the state of the classrooms. Snowboarder sorry to hear you are feeling icky. So Hermie where did you find the best fit maternioty trousers?
  4. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Maternity trews are from Dorothy Perkins. They're just black straight trousers with elasticated waist. Really comfy and hang nicely.
  5. Hermie sorry for asking again but how many weeks are you? I ask because I don't know when to start buying maternity wear, not sure whether to move up a size or what?
  6. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    Hey daddysgirl. How's u?
  7. Am good thanks hun, have been very busy doing marking, decorating, shopping and sleeping, thats why I haven't been on line for ages, but I do think of you girlies and how you are doing. I have got a count down clock now and its brill I have 199 days until the birth whooopeeee! Probably won't be saying that at the birth though!
  8. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Am 12 weeks and 1 day! I bought the trousers a couple of weeks ago, but I've not worn them yet. Am still wearing same clothes as normal, though they're getting a bit tight. Give it another 2-4 weeks and I'd say I'll have to get maternity work clothes.
  9. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    Nearer the time it will be more like...YIKES!!!!!
  11. I'm also due on 24th April! I wonder if either of us will actually give birth on our due date or if we will be early or late. I think I'll be early as no1 was and I'm planning to have my bag packed from 30 weeks this time round as when my waters broke before it was only half packed and I had to rush round madly shoving things into it. I'm already having to wear my maternity jeans as none of my others felt comfy though I can get away with normal skirts still (apparently you show earlier with second babies but I think I'm just fatter). I got my bag of clothes out and discovered lots of things I had forgotten so it was quite exciting, like getting a whole new wardrobe in one go!
  12. hi all
    just been for midwife appointment (diff midwife this week) she wasnt overly concerned about the blood tests have got to go back nxt wk if tests show low iron levels i can take iron tablets end of problem!!! got to say will be v glad when tinker (named by friend) gets here! btw do any of u know what you're having? we havent found out we wanted to have a surprise! but so many people have found this v odd!! lxxx
  13. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    I found out at the scan that I'm having a.....


    Granted I had been hoping for a kitten or a puppy but now that it's sunk in, a baby is fine!


    I think we'll ask to be told at 20 weeks...dunno...

    Yeah, I think I'm due on the 24th though when I had the scan they didn't mention anything about dates. Bit irritating...I was 2 weeks late myself-and my o/h is just late for everything...don't know if that follows!!
  14. Re; maternity clothes

    M&S do fantastic jersey trousers, Next are good for jeans and Dorothy Perkins also pretty good, esp for nice tops. Started wearing mine at around 16 weeks in normal size- now having to go up a size as bump is getting bigger!

    I got lots in the Next sale - Christmas version should carry some of you April ladies through last few months!
  15. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Hi girls (and boys?)
    Well not long to go now for me! Less than two weeks, if I manage to hold off that long! I'm tired now though - felt fine for ages and would often walk into town, all around town and back keeping fit and all that but I've now had to give into rest!
    Well the maternity deaprtment is getting busy now! We've got lots of people signing in and getting their private rooms organised. I've employed a brilliant selection of midwifes to deliver us all and a 24 hour doula/cleaner/nanny/ironer/diy'er to be on hand should any of you need them! Lots of love
    Kirkie xxx
  16. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Can I book a water birth for around 24th April? Thanks!
  17. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    I'm thinking about a water birth too!
  18. Great. Do you think you can get Johhny Depp in as official brow wiper and drink passer. If he came dressed as Edward Scissorhands he could cut the umbilical cord as well.
  19. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    lol... now that would be very nice!
  20. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Johnny Depp? No way would I want him to see my *ahem* m1nge stretched to the size of the circumference (sp) of a water melon nor would I want him to see me accidentally pass a poo because I've had an epidural!!!

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