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Kirkie's Marvellous Maternity Department

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kirkiecustard, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    thanks...nice to know others are in the same boat!
  2. Snowboarder, me too. I'm feeling dreadful and last night had a stonking migrain that woke me up at 2am and I couldn't sleep for ages. I am just so queasy and tired and tearful all the time. Fortunately husband took Small My to the park this morning so I had a lie in till 9 9absolute luxury). To make matters worse the Observer had their big ski season thing today which made me miserable as we've got a trip booked for January and I will be stuck in the chalet all week )-:

    I'm really feeling sorry for myelf and need to snap out of it!!!
  3. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    How many weeks are you Little My?
  4. i'm not pregnant, just after a little advise if thats ok. i've been broody for such a long time and desperately want to start a family. I've been married for 3 years and my o/h is ready now I think, he's told me that he is anyway. The problems are as follows- i'm only 5 weeks into my NQT year, and am on a one year contract (apparently the school always keep a couple of people on temp contracts in case of budget changes). I also dont own my own house, my family believe I should do this first although my credit history isnt very good and will take a while to sort out so buying now isnt an option. i'm 28, so I'm starting to feel like my chances of having children will diminish soon. I'm torn between wanting to be sensible and wanting to be a mum.

    My question is- how do you all do it? Did you just go for it or did you plan and do all the proper nest making first?
  5. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    We only got married in August and was about to start planning for a family and then I got pregnant. We hadn't even started trying to it was a bit of a shock. I'm worried about our financial situation etc too, but I'm sure we'll get through. Just as I am sure you and your O/H would too. But if it makes you feel more comfortable plan for it, or just go with your heart as it might take a while to fall pregnant - then again it might not.

    God that was really unuseful..lol. I sound just as confused...lol sorry
  6. thanks snowboarder. I know its a really hard thing to give advice on because ultimately I have to make a decision. I'm just worried about all the things that could go wrong, cause more problems etc. I think i'll see if i can see a mortgage advisor in the week and have a chat about getting a mortgage. i'd like to have a house first ideally, but i'm not prepared to wait years to have a baby.
  7. Murphy, we decided to start trying this year after we'd sold our house, suspecting it might take a while for me to get pregnant. It happened in the first month and we found out two days before moving into rented accommodation.

    I'm now 31 weeks and moving into our new house in a month (5 weeks before baby is due!). Mr Flo and his dad are working like hell to get all the major work and decorating done before we move in and I am sitting here panicking as I've just worked out what the basic stuff we need for the baby is going to cost!!! I may have to sell a kidney.

    I don't think there is an ideal time to get pregnant - we just decided to go for it. I'm 34, so it was a bit 'now or never'! Having said that, I would recommend being settled in a house/job - all this moving has really racked up my stress levels, which can't be good.
  8. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    A friend of mine said to me once (she now has 4 kids) "if you wait til you can afford to have children you never will [have children]."

    She has a point.
  9. Murphy, we waited until we were as financially secure as we were going to be. We also weren't sure for a while if we would have kids or not. We quite like it just the two of us! Last year we bought a house and I started getting broody about then. Something to do with feeling settled and secure. I got pregnant the second month of trying properly, which was earlier than I thought I would, so I am now six months pregnant with no bathroom or nursery in the new house!! (not literally no bathroom, but it does need to be ripped out and started again)

    I personally wouldn't have tried in my NQT year, because I wanted to get my career underway and be earning a decent slary. But it's a personal decision. Good luck!

    Congratulations snowboarder!
  10. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Further to my last post. I got pregnant after a week's worth of trying *blush.* We currently live in a 2 bed flat which we have just put on the market. So, we're going to be moving sometime in the next few months (hopefully to the house that we've got our eye on, if all goes according to plan). I'm not earning enough to have my salary factored onto the mortgage (if you know what I mean). So, as a woman in my own right I'm in a hopeless situation for having children - I've got to rely on my o/h for the stability. Then again, if I was still single I wouldnt' be pregnant....

    Not sure if any of that makes sense!
  11. I'm about 11 weeks so in January will be too big to ski (I don't think they make maternity salopettes and I'd be too worried in case I got knocked over). We thought about cancelling the holiday but I'd rather be in a lovely chalet being waited on and having hot chocolate in a little mountain cafe than stuck at home.

    Regarding when to try for a baby, I had just started a job at a new school and came off the pill in the September then started trying in January (gave it time to get out of my system) and we think it took about 2 weeks. I had expected it to take ages but obviously we are ultra fertile as with no 2 (this one) we started around June when no1 was 9 months old and it didn't take long again, and that was with me still breastfeeding him! I would say that it could take ages so if you really want one then why not try and see what happens, however if you wait for a couple more months then you would be into the next school year which could mean you are more secure in your job. Who knows! Sorry to not be more help.
  12. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    I was amazed how quickly I got pregnant. I really thought it would take 6 months or something!
  13. It must be something about this forum that makes us all so fertile. Sadly, though, it's not that easy for everyone - my friend tried for six months with her previous partner about three years ago and nothing happened, which was lucky as he turned out to be a total git. She's now with a lovely bloke who already has a daughter and is trying again with no success. I feel really bad for her - she'll make a fantastic mum but is starting to worry about whether it will ever happen for her.
  14. Quick question. I have just been looking up antenatal classes on the web (know it's very early but reading everything I can). I had know idea they cost money, I suppose I just thought they came as part of your NHS maternity package. Does everyone go to them? Especially important for first-timers?
  15. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    You can pay for NCT ones and I *think* there are NHS ones laid on. I'm curious about it too as I don't know how far on you need to be to go. I wish there was a group for people in their first/second trimesters as well-would be nice to have friends in the same boat...

  16. Can I join this thread now I too am pregnant! Hooray! Found out friday morning!!
  17. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Congrats monkey! Of course you can! How many weeks are you?

  18. It's still really early, still got to go to docs. Was due on wednesday and think maybe about 4 weeks? Not long at all. Think I've told too many people too!
  19. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    I blabbed it to all and sundry pretty much, just couldn't keep it quiet!
  20. Jogger, NHS classes are free, normally two months to a month before you're due. NCT classes cost around £100 for up to 8 sessions, but it depends if there are any near you - my local branch ran some in September but there are none this month or next month, so I'm intending to go to NHS ones instead.

    NCT also run Bumps and Babies groups for pregnant women and new mothers, and do things like Nearly New sales - went to one on Saturday and got several bargains, but it was total madness! Everyone else had buggies to fight their way around with!

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