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Kirkie's Marvellous Maternity Department

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kirkiecustard, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Try a test, jogger - will set your mind at rest.

    I also found that doing an ovulation chart helped, as I knew my temperature hadn't dropped - gave me a big clue
  2. OK might do it tomorrow, other half is away and he says he'll wait on the other end of the phone whilst I do it!
  3. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Hey jogger! You sound like me - my cycle has always been all over the place and ovulation has always happened without me knowing when! Having said that if you are past your longest cycle so far then a test may be positive!
    How exciting! Take some folic acid!
    Let us know!
  4. morning star

    morning star New commenter

    florence1. Stuff the meetings. You have a legal right to time off for maternity care and I've always considered ante natal classes to be part of this entitlement. As your contractions speed up and your waters break you are not going to be thinking "Thank goodness that that scheme of work is finished" but wishing that you could remember what kind of breathing to do. Trust me - I'm on maternity leave with number 3.
  5. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Morning star - you sound like me. third time round and maternity leave is just that - leave! I'm loving being off at the moment! Its a bit of a juggle with the school run, and pre-school - but ok.
    So what flvour have you got and what are you expecting? This is boy no 3 for me!
  6. Did the test when I got home from school (other half on the phone) and it was positive!!!!!! Still in shock, what happens now?
  7. Congratulations!

    Ive got no idea what happens next, but thought you might like this bumped up the page for others to see.
  8. morning star

    morning star New commenter

    I too am the proud owner of 3 boys - aged 7, 4 and 8 months. The school and nursery run was a nightmare for a while but much easier now that baby has settled into a more predictable feeding and sleeping routine. Son number 2 started school in September and it's been lovely being able to do all the settling in without worrying about how work feels about it.

    As I've posted elsewhere, my employer has decided to dispense with my services and make me redundant so it looks like fulltime mum for a while longer...
  9. jogger congratulations!!!
    If you go to your doc he/she will probably just book you into the system so that you get your scan date through for about 12 weeks. To be honest he probably won't even repeat the pregnancy test if you have got a postitve on a HPT.

    Be prepared for extremem tiredness STARTING NOW! The little babe to be is producing a million new cells every second!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't believe how tired I was at only 10 days past ovulation, that is when I tested and realised and the tiredness eased off around 12 weeks and was much better by 15 weeks.

    I only have 5 weeks to go now!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
  10. Had wondered why I had felt so tired all this week! Have made an appointment at the docs for Monday, how long should I wait before telling my Mum/school/anyone else?
  11. You don't have to tell anyone at school for ages- at least 12 weeks. However I choose to tell just my head very early, as due to the time I am due I knew that I would choose to finish when the summer holidays started and started my maternity leave first day of Autumn term. It helped to give him a little bit more notice.

    I told everyone else at school after first scan. In terms of who you tell now, it is up to you. I told people that I wouldn't mind knowing if anything happened and I needed their support. So I told my mum, and 2 close friends straight away and then we waited until 12 weeks.
    Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep in touch.
  13. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Congrats Jogger :) I felt 'different' really early on - a bout of indigestion and tiredness before I'd done a test. The doc didn't re test me when I went and announced my pregnancy - even up til Thursday when I had my first scan there was a little part of me that thought 'I hope I've not imagined all of this!'

    I told the head at work very early on, as I'm working with violent students. I told lots of people early on because I'm **** at secrets!! I figured that if something went wrong with the pregnancy, at least if people knew then they'd be more understanding. I couldn't imagine anyone, no matter how well I knew them, who wouldnt' be supportive in the event of a miscarriage or something.

  14. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Has anyone signed up for all the freebies Boots and the like offer? I signed up to Boots Parenting Club and through the post this morning I got vouchers for FREE No7 product up to the value of £16.50, free Mediteranean Range product to value of £5.00 and a free Botanics hair conditioner thing. I'm well excited!! Yes, I know this is all marketing and they'll record everything I buy etc etc but free is free!!
  15. mrs_g

    mrs_g New commenter

    Congratulations to all the preggie ladies!

    I'm nearly 21 weeks and we've just had our 'big scan'. All was ok except for a low lying placenta which seems to be completely blocking the way out! Got to have another scan at 32 weeks to see if it's moved. They said it most likely will but if not then it's a c section for me.

    Good luck to those due very soon!
  16. morning star

    morning star New commenter

    It is worth telling anyone who needs to protect you at work and who will be able to tell you if, for example, there are any cases of rubella or chicken pox in school. If there are, walk out on the spot. You don't know who's incubating what, especially in a primary school.

    After my first miscarriage I was rather pleased that so few people knew that I'd been pregnant. Expressions of regret just made it so much worse. Second miscarriage was when I was working on a peripatetic team and I hadn't told any of the schools that I was visiting. When I returned from my month off it was a relief just to be able to smile in response to the vague "Are you better now" enquiries rather than relive it. Think about who you tell.

    Make sure you take your folic acid if you're not already.

    The Best Friend's Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine is fun and informative (and not too preachy unlike all her subsequent books). I read a dreadful pregnancy book by some old duffer of a consultant whose advice on exercise was that "there is no better exercise than scrubbing a floor or polishing a table" and included a section for men basically saying that all women are unreasonable and irrational and pregnancy will only make this worse. Try to avoid books like this.

    Finally, when you do get close to the Big Day, ignore everyone who tells you to buy paper knickers for your hospital bag. Childbirth is brutal and there is nothing more comforting afterwards than to step from your shower into a brand new pair of M&S big knickers - soft, pure cotton and frankly who cares if you have to throw away a pair or two. Worth every penny. Sainsburys Maternity Pads were the best I came across and infinitely better than the rubbish that the NHS provides. You will not believe how much it is possible to bleed and still live!
  17. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Apparently one of the kids in my school in Year 6 is off with chicken pox. I dont' teach Year 6 but we all have to congregate in the hall at the end of the day...he's been off all week - I think the infectious period has passed though - as in, he was infectious before he developed the spots. If that is the case, how would you ever know a kid is brewing it up if they dont' show symptoms til after the dangerous time. Arrgghhh!!
  18. I got my Bounty Mum-to-be pack and it was rubbish compared to last year- then we got Lindor chocolates but this year just some nappy wipes and a couple of breast pads )-: (how tight am I!)

    I might try joining the Boots club again and see if I get more freebies though as I joined for no1 it might not work. I know nearer the time you get more things through them.
  19. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    Please tell me some of you other mums-to-be are feeling as nauseious as me. Ugh I feel so yuck all the time!
  20. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Snowboarder. A couple of weeks ago my days were as follows:

    feel sick/cry/feel sick/cry/throw up/feel sick/cry and so on!

    It's normal and it's the grimmest feeling in the world.

    Big hug x

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