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Kirkie's Marvellous Maternity Department

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kirkiecustard, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Hi I'm pg with no 2 and have my first scan on Thursday. I'm not technically a teacher any more as I gave up at the end of last term to look after sprog 1 (who turned 1 yesterday) but I don't seem able to leave the board and keep emailing my ex-head with useful things I find . The morning sickness is horrible and I'm lucky if I can stomach anything (I'm lving on cup a soups and smoothies) but it can't last forever hopefully.
  2. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Little My, I have my first scan on Thurs too :)

    Good luck lou, hope it all works out.

    Not heard anything from my friend who was meant to be induced yesterday, I'm dying to know if she's had her (she's having a girl)but I dont' want to pester her, I'm sure she's got far more important things on her mind.

    I'm back at work today, so I wont' be knocking around that much, I've just hopped on here for a couple of mins to say hello before I go on lunch duty.
  3. Good luck with your scan Hermione. I should have had mine last week but misread the letter, thought it was today and had to phone to apologise and rebook. Pregnancy brain kicking in )-:
  4. I'm due in 9 days! I'm so bored on maternity leave! Yet the effort to do anything is too much!

    Getting impatient now!
  5. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Hello fellow preggie birds!
    Went to the consultant yesterday - everything is on track for three weeks to go even though my scan on friday indicated a big baby!
    Oh well - i'm feeling healthy and happy - best pregnancy I've had!

    Good luck to all with their scans!
    Kirkie x
  6. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Loulakins - you can chat to me about c-section and any worries you have, I've been there with the last one! He stayed breech and I had a section I had an emergency section with the first and am looking at an elective with this one too. Don't worry about it too much, but chat if you want to.
  7. hello all thanks for the supportive comments went for scan today baby still breech so have been booked in for a section me and o/h made a list of q's to ask and did so but still feeling worried about it all xxx
  8. 7 weeks and 1 day today!
    I've got my first scan tomorrow because it's an ICSI (slightly more complicated IVF)pregnancy and they need to do a head count and check it's in the right place.

    Been feeling very tired up til now, but feel better this week, No sickness, just off my food a bit.

    I love being pregnant - I've waited 3 painful years for this.
  9. Well, I've missed my first ante-natal class tonight. Stuck in a meeting until 6pm, so by the time I got home there was no way I could eat and get out again for class at 7pm. Plus I was so tired I wanted to cry.

    Will have to talk to midwife on Thursday to see if I can pick up the classes despite this - but I really can't see when I'll manage to get out of school on time to attend.
  10. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Hey girls and merenwen - congrats! I've had many friends going through the pain of IVF and also the eventual, hopeful and beautiful, successful outcome! Brilliant hope you are resting!
  11. Hey everyone

    Had my scan today, and OMG - it's twins. Two heartbeats, two sacs...

    We're very scared, but I'm sure we'll cope.
  12. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    OMG - congratulations. Double trouble..lol
  13. Oh wow, merenwen - congratulations!!! Now put your feet up and take extra, extra care of yourself!
  14. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Merenwen thats amazing! You must be so chuffed! Twins!
  15. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Congrats merenwen :)

    My scan's in an hour....eeeeek!
  16. merenwen, OMG!! That's amazing! There's a programme on LIving +1 called baby baby which is all about twins. They might have some tips.

    Hermonie, good luck with the scan. I can honestly say it was the best moment of my life when I saw my child on that screen.
  17. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    Hope yr scan went well Hermione.
  18. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    Scan update anyone? How did they go?
    My lovely Quinny Buzz arrived today and I've been trying to work out how to out it all together and collapse it etc... My eldest son just took one look at me and said 'That looks complicated Mummy' and then showed me how to collapse it in seconds! He's only 6!
  19. Fantastic news Merenwen! Hermione how did yours go? Mine was good, I am 11 weeks so further on than I thought (closer to the end of sickness - hooray). I expected to just see a blob and a dot like my scan with baby no 1 at 6 weeks so to see a proper little person waving its arms and legs around was really a surprise and oddly emotional. I had my booking appointment as well and apparently because no1 was premature and I had a fairly troublesome pregnancy I get to see a consultant at 20 weeks. She had real problems getting blood out and I now have holes in each arm and a big burst vessel thing on one of them )-:
  20. I'm not pregnant but trying and need some advice from all you people with 'bumps'. Don't have regular periods and last 2 were 32 days and 37 days, it's now been 39 days, should I wait or do a test now? Are there any signs I should have noticed if I was pregnant? Just feel very tired at the moment, nothing else but that could be because I'm busy.

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