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Kingston University Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by claire_evans, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondered whether anybody else has applied to Kingston? If so, have you heard from them yet?

  2. Hi guys,
    I found your conversation really interesting and very helpful. [​IMG]
    I've applied to Kingston University to study PGCE Primary too. My interview is at the end of November.I'm feeling exactly what you guys are feeling like.Nervous,anxious and at times I go brain dead thinking about it so much.
    Claire, please let me know how your interview goes. I have been interested in doing the pgce for 2 years now but i applied too late and the courses were full by March, April. I really am worried, therefore i've been studying and practising my Maths since I found out about my interview.
    Best of luck Claire, I hope it all goes well. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  3. hey how did it go monday??!?!?!?! was it as bad as u thought????
    hope it wernt 2 bad. i still hvnt been asked for interview yet..... am so nervous
  4. I got in!!!
    It was nowhere near as bad a I thought lol. It's pretty much the same as other people on here have said. When you arrive, you go into a room, sit around a big table, hand in your papers and introduce yourselves to the rest of the room (that was prob the worst bit)! Then you have the maths and english tests, which were both fine, and then the group activity. You're put into groups of 6 and you have a discussion and then present your ideas back to the rest of the room. Someone from the uni sits with each table and takes notes to see who's participating etc. Then you have your individual interview, which will just be with one person from the uni. It's only 20 mins long and the questions are very obvious ones, there were no horrible surprises! Then that's it, as long as you've finished your maths and english papers you can go home!
    It was a bit scary at first, but everyone was really friendly, the course tutors tried to make us laugh and I found I got really into the discussion and forgot my nerves.
    I found out yesterday that I'd been offered a place, so the're very quick in getting back to you.
    Fingers crossed I'll be seeing you in September, good luck! xx

  5. Well Done Claire. I got mine in 2 weeks time...
  6. I've just applied for Kingston... now the fingers crossed.
  7. Hi Claire,
    well done for getting in!! I have an interview for Kingston in 10 days time. I am really nervous like everyone else. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about the tasks you had to do so i can be as prepared as possible. I have started doing a bit of revision for the maths test but i'm still worried. Was it difficult and how much did you have to revise for it? Were there any particularly tricky questions? With the English assessment, did you have to write an essay on a particular topic? If so what was the topic? I assume it is more about you grammar and spelling rather than the content anyway. How was the group task? Was it on a particular topic too? Sorry about the ridiculous amount of questions.
    Any help or advice you can give would be great !
  8. Hi,

    Congratulations on getting an interview!
    I revised for the maths test by looking at BBC bitesize KS2, and a bit of KS4. If you have recieved your interview letter you should have been sent a sample maths paper, which is pretty similar to the real thing. Most of it was common sense - there were a couple of questions at the end that were tricky but on the whole it was just everyday maths. You have 35 mins to complete it in, which is more than enough time - it's really no where near as bad as I thought it'd be!
    For the English test you just had to edit a piece of work and write a short piece yourself. Again it was nothing to worry about, and I don't think it's anything you could really revise for, other than brushing up on your grammar etc. Same with the group task really lol. If you do a search on here for posts made in previous years, my interview was the same as the previous years in terms of the group activity. I was trying to think of ways to prepare beforehand but there isn't really a way of preparing because until you get there you don't know what points other people will make and which way the discussion will go.
    I think in terms of preparation, I wouldn't worry too much about the English and Maths. I spent a lot of time revising for them, especially the Maths, but found that they were just common sense. Instead, I'd spend time reading about current educational issues and making sure you can hold a conversation about two or three of them, thinking of questions they might ask you and what answers you would give, and thinking of ways to get your school experience into your answers; on the day, mention it as much as possible!

    Hope that helps and good luck!

  9. Claire, thanks for sharing your interview experience at Kingston. It's really helpful to get an idea of what to expect on the day.
    Faye, I think we may have an interview on the same day - 3rd Dec???

  10. Hi Faye,
    is yours for the 3rd of December? I just got a letter today saying I have one that day. I am so nervous! I feel like I don't even know where to begin to prepare!!!

  11. Yes we do!! I'll see you there. I'm pretty nervous but everyone is in the same boat. Fingers crossed

  12. Thanks a lot Claire, that's really helpful! The one thng I am still worried about is the current educational issues. I feel like I don't know enough and i don't know what to research. Which issues came up on your interview day? Could you make any suggestions? Or if anyone else has any ideas, that would be great.
  13. I've got my interview on 3rd December as well. I'm sure we'll all be fine and wish everyone the best of luck. Look forward to meeting you on Thursday!!
  14. I got it! yey.. See ye all in September.

    Thanks for the advice Claire.
  15. Yey! Well done Pamela! I got in too!!!! So happy and relieved. Really quick hearing back from them. Thanks for the advice again Claire. Looking forward to seeing you all in September

  16. I got in too!! See you September! [​IMG]
  17. Hi there everyone!
    Ive got my interview for Kingston next Monday and am really starting to get nervous about it now! My main worry is bringing up the current educational issues as i have been out of the loop so to speak for a little while. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!! I have a few ideas so far but would hate for something to come up that i know nothing about!
    Thanks in advance, and hope to see you in September!
  18. If you google the "Rose Review" and "Every Child Matters" that should get you on the right track. I think there's a section on this website about preparing for an interview that will give you more advice. Good luck!
  19. Actually, do you mind me asking when you got the letter about your interview?
  20. can anyone advise me on what kind of questions came up on the maths test? probability? charts? percentages? fractions? im so nervous! my interview is in two weeks and when the sample paper came through....i couldnt answer one question without revising!!!!! i struggled with maths at gcse and that was 6/ 7 years ago!!! im so desperate to get in, and would hate it if i failed because of the maths test!!!

    also, i dont have the 'certificates' for my gcses but i have the grade statements. do you think this would suffice bringing to the interview, obtaining the certificates are £35 each!!!!!!


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