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Kingston Early Years PGCE (Sep 11)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by louilou27, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi Laura
    It's Louisa here!
    Well done you, I'm really pleased for you.
    I didn't get offered a place because I got 33 in the Maths test and the pass mark was 35! I am re-taking the test and if I pass I will get put on the waiting list so fingers crossed!

  2. Hi Louisa,
    Ahh 2 marks, how annoying, its good that they are letting you retake it . I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and hope you get a place.
    Laura x
  3. Hi Louisa,

    Where you successful on your re-take? I am actually quite concerned about the pgce Maths tests. I will be applying next year for pgce early years and I'm considering getting some refresher tutoring as GCSE Maths was a long long time ago for me. What sort of questions do they ask you and what level do the expect you to be at?

    Btw hope you got on your course 2 points is so close!
  4. hey there,
    was wonderin how ur interview went? and what sort of questions did they ask you
  5. hey kimbley, how u yet applied for d pgce?
  6. hey congrats..was wonderin how did the interview go and what happened durin the process

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