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kings and queens topic!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ajsarge, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Hi all!
    I'm planning a kings and queens topic (KS1 and foundation) for after half term. I've come up with the following ideas;
    Literacy based around books on kings and queens linked to yr1 narrative unit 2 stories from other cultures. This could then lead into looking at the countries where the stories are based (geography).
    History - Comparing the lifes of people now and under Queen Victoria or another king/queen.
    RE - Nativity story (three kings). Reading the book 'the fourth king'.

    Any other ideas for these areas or other areas of the curriculum?

  2. Charly27

    Charly27 New commenter

    Maths 'The Queens Knickers' it's about the different kinds of knickers the queen has for special occasions and what happens when they go missing: pattern. Plan a tea party to have, invite some 'kings' and 'queens'.
    ICT design a stamp, or a royal seal or an invitation
    http://www.dcsf.gov.uk/everychildmatters/publications/0/1340/ this link is from the inspiring imagination and curiosity project! Never heard of it myself but it has a downloadable PDf based on the book which looks fun
    Geography as above and perhaps loking at which other countries have Kings and Queens. If not, why not?
    PSHE and citizenship what do Kings and queens do? What would you do ifyou were King or queen for a day? What makes a good king/queen? What makes a bad one? The coronation - I think there are some short clips on Espresso if you have it.How do you get to be one?
    Art and Design and D and T ooh go wild with that glitter and all things shiny. Design a castle with a working drawbridge or a moat or which lights up [perhaps not at the same time!] depends what your DT/ Science focus is, make crowns, stuff for the role play area.
    I'll keep thinking

  3. Charly27

    Charly27 New commenter

    Music Fanfare for a Prince, Holywood overture, The Wedding March, The Royal March, Kings of Leon! We Three Kings, The Queen of Hearts [rhyme] Lavender's Blue
  4. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    pick king and queen for the day
    tea party based on alice when they knaves and queen of hearts..or use some of the cartoon
    knights and lords.....armour and heraldry...basic stuff for art.
  5. Hi,
    There is a lovely book called 'The Royal Dinner' - sorry can't remember author right now. We use it to lead into our 'Royal Family' unit.
    The children love it and it includes DT - making pizza's, with lots of opportunities for drama. In fact my colleague was observed for her Literacy lesson doing drama linked to this book and she got an outstanding grade!
    Hope this helps.
  6. my year 1/2 class have just spent a few weeks obssessing about The Coronation of Elizabeth II we watched a BBC watch time treasures dvd about it. Had a grandparent in who'd been to London to watch the Coronation. Role played in the classroom and had a whole class re enactment with flags, bunting, a royal procession, crowning ceremony etc follwed by a "street party" in our outdoor area.
    Every day another child would bring in a book from the library about the Queen or a book borrowed from a relative.
    its been such fun!
  7. Thank you all for such fantastic ideas! I know the children will be really inspired!
  8. schooldaysdiary

    schooldaysdiary New commenter

    I've tried to get hold of this - I can't find any Youtube readings or anything! Do you know where I might be able to get a print, it sounds fabulous!

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