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Kindle in Australia

Discussion in 'Personal' started by slippeddisc, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

  2. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    you just have to hold it upside down in Australia ;)

    I don't know about the books, as in buying them. but as they (well some!) are just PDF files you can download them and email them to her!

    *Note for legal purposes this only applies to books without copy right issues*
  3. And also please note that copyright law in Australia might differ from English. Best to check.
  4. My sister has one in South Africa that was bought in the UK for her by her daughter. There is no South African version of Amazon so she uses the UK site and downloads from there. Should imagine it is just the same to be honest.
  5. Forgot to say they will probably need the 3G one for the coverage - if you google it there is a map that shows where they cover.
  6. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    When I was inKorea, had to use USA amazon, Despite ordering kindle from Uk Andbuying books with UK card. Email amazon and ask. Subtle obviously. Ie living in Uk sabbatical year in Australia etc. Apologies for grammar and typos. On phone, laptop broken.
  7. I bought my daughter in New Zealand a Kindle this past christmas... for similar reasons she loves books but the price of them was limiting her reading .... she loves the kindle and has had no problems getting the books she wants.. i hope this helps [​IMG]
  8. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    They sell the Kindle here (in Aus) so she'll be able to download one way or another. I still download everything off Amazon UK. x
  9. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    Thanks everyone.

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