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killer cat v. wee scabby dug

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by cosmos, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. [​IMG]

    POW ! Oh meh, nearly lost ma paw in a' tha' flab....
  2. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    [​IMG] WHIT flab????!!!!! Hiv ye ever seen a physike licht mine?
  3. Ok ok ah give in....jist dinnae try to kiss me again - yer affae soggy

    Ma ma is awa oot the now..... but ah'll be back!

  4. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    Well, ma mammy's gonnae cook her dinner...so while she' no there tae keep meh nice......an' yers isnae there tae protekt ye...........
  5. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    [​IMG] Dae ah nae look awfy cool.....ur can ye no' see meh fur the stars in yer heid?
  6. O dearie me, nae stamina


  7. jist one look.....................


  8. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    Aye.....an I'm lookin at thi state o' this......weel....... lookin' at it? Ah cannae tak' ma eyes oaf it! Dae ye wahnt thi name o' ma personal trainer? [​IMG] An' ah'd gie the grog a wee miss if ah wur ye...........
  9. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    [​IMG] My mammy sez it's time fur ma scratcher...... nane o' that sissy kissin' business whin ahm sleepin' mind....... hope yer in better shape the morra, killer.....
  10. Aye, me an a'. See you the morn's morn
  11. Sorry scabby, ma mammy has nae stamina either and is awa tae her bed. Ah'll see you in the morn.
    Take this with you............

  12. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    Ah've goat ye in a death grip the noo.............
  13. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    [​IMG] ........but since ma mammy an' me hiv been workin' a day...and she needs tae cook her dinner, and gie me mine........can we jist hav' a wee snooze the noo...an' ah'll be vicious in a wee whiley agin?
  14. [​IMG]
    aye ok. a'm affae weary too efter duffin' up the mutt an being oot on the razzle a nicht.
    mind, a'm aye on top o' ye!
    KC x
  15. Please forgive brief interjection from me Cosmos.....in real life just now ....dug is looking at me strangely cos I'm pizzing myself laughing...and I think he suspects it's at his expense! [​IMG] For God's sake, please don't tell Killer Cat that dug is TERRIFIED of cats! He cowers at the mere sight of one! Hope you're enjoying your retirement...just about to have dinner..dug will be back later, trying to look terrifying! x
  16. The would-be scary fights between the two of them have had me in stitches too Annie. Killer cat is actually a real softie, just a kitten, but is definitely in charge - of us all! The poor hairy mutt that we recently acquired is willing to be friendly but KC just looks at him and he runs to his bed....poor dog! She sometimes comes up to him and rubs her head against him and the poor mutt sits rigidly not daring to move.
    Retirement going a treat so far - having a nice quiet day today (meant to be doing housework but somehow can't quite summon up the enthusiasm). I'll light the fire later and do some ironing - that should please Mr C!!
    When KC wakes, I'm sure she'll be ready for the fray again.
    babies need their sleep.......
  17. Annie - can you believe KC's picture has been deleted! The one where she is showing scabby a cat finger!
    Really!!! Who was upset by that? Presumably a cat hater.......

    See, we are both shocked - just as well you can't read cat lips whoever you are.
  18. Ha! and now it's back. I should think so too.
  19. ROFL! I have two friends with cats, and they basically take the mickey out of poor scabs when we visit....one of them sits in the front doorway, and basically glares at him.....so he's too scared to come into the house! He's also terrified of my six inch (tail to beak) grumpy (and flightless ......was born with little short wings and has never been able to fly..but thinks it's six feet tall! ) cockatiel, so evenings on the couch have to be very carefully negotiated with the three of us! Anyway, Cosmos, thanks for the hours of entertainment...about to go to bed, but suspect dug has one last parting shot left in him...............watch this space....... Glad you're enjoying your retirement! x
  20. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    [​IMG] OK Killer....ah kno' ye're no' the brightest candle in thi boax......but whit end ur ye gonnae go fur, first?
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