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Kids bullying staff, Advice please

Discussion in 'Personal' started by inky, May 18, 2011.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I think that part of the problem is that many of us grew up never imagining treating other people like they do, and are shocked into hurt disbelief when it happens to us - mainly, kind, well-intentioned teachers who'd be disciplined if we shouted "SHUt UP!" at a non-compliant class. Over the years, you learn that there are many children who can give but not take, and our liberal sensibilities tell us - rightly - that the child is not to blame for the sins of its parents.Nevertheless, we do the 'tough love' thing and tlak to the parents, etc.
    In all my years of teaching, I can still remember the odd, truly vicious, child who delighted in making my life a misery. I shudder at the memories. 'Damaged' and difficult kids I know well enough. But occasionally you get one who is, basically, sadistic and evil.
    Why should we be surprised? Presumably there are many teachers out there who have seen these dead-eyed creatures on mug shots in the newspapers and recogniized among them their ex-pupils.
  2. Hi Peep's
    Just an update.
    Firstly, thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
    As for the previous abuse, as someone commented, I have not let this slide by without repercussions, as in school it has been reported to the relevant head of year etc. and on the sports' field relevant cards and bans were issued, just did not let it get to me.
    I have now taken this to my line manager and to the head, who has taken it on board and will be bringing it up with the head of inclusion and discipline at the SMT meeting tonight.
    Will watch this space for what happens
    Thanks again
  3. Good to hear. How convenient that there is an SMT meeting this evening.
  4. Yesterday a child told me very graphically how he was going to stab me in my head, watch the blood come out then stab me some more. I work in EBD so I guess I'm used to these kind of things being said. The one thing however that really got to me was when this child wrote in fat letters over a wall 'Miss X is a fxckXng C***t" for everyone to see. I love my job sometimes ;)
  5. Kids can be armholes at times. Don't let it get to you on a personal level - you don't have the problem - they do! take it to the HT and let matters take their course.
    Have a hot bath and a drink and wake up to a new bright day. We all have days like this when the 'why do we bother' fog descends. Luckily, most days are miles better!
    Good luck!
  6. If you have such a person in your school why did you not go to them rather than the head ?
  7. In fact ... why did you feel the need to undermine the HoY?

    Had they said that they would not do anything about this?
  8. Don't lose sight of the real issue here, will you?
    It's not *about* the HoY's ego, it's about totally unacceptable abuse. The Head is happy to take this on board her/himself.
    So why do you have a problem with it, hmm?
    Or are you just being *supportive*?

  9. No he/she isn't

    they are going to pass it back down through the chain of command

    No, I am asking why people (the OP in this case) choose not to follow the school systems

    If this is because the systems do not work I can understand that but I am wondering why the OP started the ball rolling in the (presumably) school system then decided to leapfrog it
  10. In response to the OP, where I work that would have been sorted before the end of the school day so maybe he felt that it was not good enough for it to still be hanging about the following day. personally why was it not picked up straight away.
    Maybe they do not have an on call system where SMT do duty and collect students who need to be during the lessons.
    I hope that you get the results you want and the child gets theserious help that he needs.
  11. Not necessarily. If The same thing had happened to me, I'd have gone straight to the Head.
    I would DEFINITELY have played leapfrog.
  12. Hear, hear. On both counts.
  13. Well I can only go by what the poster said

    Thereby undermining other staff when they are trying to deal with this student; now and in the future

    A shame, really
  14. Don't be silly. If I were in the OP's position I would go to the only person in the place with any real clout.
    The HoY would probably have treated the brat to a Diet Coke, some copious sympathy and the promise of a trip to Alton Towers.
  15. If the HoY had said they would deal poorly, or had a reputation for dealing poorly with students then, as I said, I can understand moving up

    The OP did not suggest that this was the case and, if this is your experience of HoYs then I hope that you understand
    that they are not all like that

    However, even if there was a lack of trust at that level, it would appear that there is a Senior Leader in the school that
    has a specific role (the person that the head is passing it back to) ... why not go there ... why go to the Head
  16. Spoke to the HoY about it first, before taking it to head, and she advised to go that route too, so not undermining her authority.
    As for the question about the head of inclusion and discipline, TBH I have little confidence in the way her system works (kids can call time out if they don't wan to be in a lesson and go to play Wii, watch a DVD, etc.) so you'll forgive me for not going down this route.

  17. BTW,
    HoY is great in her aproach to this kind of thing.
    ALWAYS follows up complaints and incidents
    ALWAYS disciplines where appropriate.

  18. Fair enough, though I think that she should have taken the responsibility for this ...
    talking to the SLT member that you mentioned and following processes

    Jumping steps makes exclusions (fixed term and perm harder)

    IMO the behaviour demonstrated deserves an exclusion and I would would want to make sure all boxes are ticked
  19. Now resolved.
    HT has just been to see and has advised of sanctions and punishments proposed and asked if I was happy with them.
    Including parental involvement (obviously), fixed term exclusions, written apology, etc.
    Happy that it has been dealt with, that the little darling has finally admitted it (although Dad was not conviced).
    Thanks for the support and advice people, very much appreciated.



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