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Keyword revision aid for IGCSE Combined and Co-ordinated Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by man in chiang mai, May 1, 2012.

  1. I, and another teacher in my department, have just created a keyword definitions revision aid for Combined (single award) and Co-ordinated (dual award) Sciences. They follow the CIE exam syllabuses. Also, my colleague produced a Biology factsheet of various bits and bobs that are relevant for the Bio component of the course. I am guessing that they could be easily adapted to suit any exam syllabus, and I hope that other teachers may be able to use them.
    I've just posted them in the resources section and was hoping for some feedback about them. We have spent a while creating them and checking them for errors, but some may have slipped through. Also, although we have used CIE definitions wherever possible, we have put in our own definitions or took suitable dictionary definitions when necessary. If you spot any errors, or think something could be phrased better, could you contact me via my TES profile and I will update as required.
    On a final note, if the formatting is not quite right, that may be due to the fact that I had to convert the file from a .ods to a .xls format. Shockingly TES does not support open software formats and only accepts files from proprietary software. Our school runs Ubuntu and uses Libre Office so I had to convert.
    The link is:
  2. Masfar

    Masfar New commenter

    The Combined Science one looks good but from what I can see, Radiation,some waves stuff (lenses) as well as some of the electricity equations have been removed from this years syllabus so you might want to double check the list against the syllabus guide.
  3. Thanks for that Masfar. I've put up a new edited version now. I removed the definitions for principle focus and focal length, and also for fission, but I left in ionising radiation as I would teach that in the section on the main features of the EM spectrum.
    I also removed the equation for calculating resistance in parallel circuits. They only need to know qualitatively about that according to the curriculum. I think they do need to know all of the other formulae though.
    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Masfar

    Masfar New commenter

    Awesome - will download it tomorrow and try it with my IGCSE ESL pupils! Will let you know how it goes!

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