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Keystage 2 sats marking

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by paper clip, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Hi
    Does anybody know how to become a Keystage 2 sats marker? I can only find infomation about secondary school exams.
  2. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I think Edexcel have got the contract, they offered me a contact in December but I turned it down because last year was such a nightmare. I had moved from KS3 to KS2 marking so ony had a contact as a reserve marker which meant jumping through all the hoops but only actually getting 50 papers to mark. So it was a lot of hassle for very little money.
  3. I am waiting for replay from edexcel as they are still waiting for my refrences and deadline is 12 March. How much are you paid per paper?Thanks
  4. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    I marked KS2 English SATS last year, (Satnav, I agree it was an appalling fiasco, and I remember your experience well). I must be a glutton for punishment though, as I have accepted my contract again for this year (although strangely, they have asked for referees for me as well, although they issued my contract in December!) It is Edexcel who have the contract, and I suspect it is too late for this year, although it might be possible to sign up to mark next year, although who knows what could happen before then!)

    koteczek1, I seem to remember getting paid around £3.00 per paper (which is actually per pupil, as for English there are actually 3 papers per pupil - reading, short writing and long writing) or it may have been £3.50, can't quite remember, and I think this has gone up by about 10 pence this year. An average allocation is 350 papers, (sometimes extras might be available but don't bank on it!) and you are taxed 20% at source. But rates may be different for maths.
  5. thanks for replay;) 350 sounds tooooo much. Is it hard work? how much time do you have to mark them?
  6. Hi

    I have been marking the science SATs papers for the past 2 years but as they are scrapped I have applied for the English. Not heard back yet as they are trying to get my references sorted. I do feel that this year the system for applying is much slower possibly because there is some issues about weather schools will be using them. I wish they would hurry up and decide so I can do something else instead.!!!!!!!!!
    I enjoyed the first year I marked the SATs as it was all online and really easy to do the benchmarking. Last year was more of a nightmare as you had to wait to get feedback from the senoir marker and spend ages going through which was the correct answer and why.

    I have been lucky because both years I was in schools that had 2 weeks holidays not the 1 week so I managed to mark most of them in the first week and a half. They gave me 450 scripts and wanted me to mark more but I was back at school so declined. As I am a supply teacher I can take up more if it ever goes ahead lol
  7. whoever is handling the exams recruits markers in November/December.
    For info, have a look at Edexcel website.
    Usually, a standard batch of scripts will net you about £1200. Not hard work but can be time consuming on top of a teaching job - but if you are organised and prepared to mark over half term, it's fine.
    Who knows, however, how many markers will get scripts this year, or how many scripts.
  8. I tried several times to apply via Edexcel site, but just get offered 16 -19 diplomas. That is in spite of being a primary teacher for past 30 odd years. Any advice how to get on to KS2 SATs marking?
  9. Might be harder this year - I got the marker email a few weeks ago saying there'll be less space for English markers anyway because of the changes and end of the writing paper.

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