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Discussion in 'Music' started by Chris A, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Can anybody recommend a decent keyboard that:
    • Has a USB output so that it can be used with an apple mac (with GarageBand, Sibelius and Logic software).
    • Has inbuilt speakers so that it can be used as a stand-alone conventional keyboard.
    • Has touch sensitive keys.
  2. Apologies... TES forum chopped off half my message. It would've gone onto say that:
    We are moving as a department over the coming two weeks due to a BSF project and I had ordered casio CTK 3000s but we've been informed that they are out of stock. Does anyone have any experience of the CTK 4000s?
    Are there any yamaha folk out there with any recommendations?
  3. Yes I have CTK 3000 and 40000 and two 5000's . The sound does not change much across the range. The USB works fine. I find them a bit tinny but will probably buy more as my other keyboard fail as they do the job I need. They do have a decent set of orchestra instruments on them.
  4. We've used Yamaha PSR 295's replaced by the PSR E403 / 413 range for a number of years. Nce tone to them, perhaps a superior bass quality than the Casio (personal opinion will differ to others I'm sure!). There's the E423 now in tasteful black which is the newest version, however the E333, about £70 cheaper also has USB connectivity. Not actually tried one for sound quality - i think you just need to pop into the local music shop and have a play!


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