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Keyboard Orchestra

Discussion in 'Music' started by Montague78, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Montague78

    Montague78 New commenter

    I have quite a few pupils who would like to do keyboard/piano lessons but currently (sadly) can't fit anymore in. I've thought about starting a keyboard orchestra as an after school club to try and give these pupils something rather than nothing.
    Does anyone run a keyboard orchestra? What kind of music do you perform? I've been searching the internet for some example scores but found very little. I was wondering whether normal classroom ensemble and easier band music would work?

    Any thoughts and advice would be brilliant!
  2. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    My keyboard orchestra are currently tackling Messiaen's Turangalila Symphonie. The Year 7s are all eager to take on the Ondes Martenot part, though I'm sadly having to restrict that to the G&T kids.

  3. muso2

    muso2 Established commenter Community helper

    If you want ready-made ensemble pieces, there is a series of books called Classroom Jam, which have pieces with different parts, including some more pop-style books.
    I used to run a keyboard club, where sometimes students would all work on the same piece, or practice something they were playing in classroom lessons, or I'd put out a choice of different songs for them to play. I'd help them as they practised, and we had a slot at the end where anyone could perform what they'd been working on. I think most beginners would have found the 'orchestra' a bit too challenging to start with, and also been gutted if they had the part that wasn't the tune! So will depend a bit on your students and what they want to do.

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