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Key Stages abroad - what ages are they?!

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by cbks0440, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. cbks0440

    cbks0440 New commenter

    Hi there,

    I have applied for a job in Italy, and I have been given an interview for next week. I am trying to work out what ages are different key stages and I'm struggling to find the answer anywhere online!

    I know that they have grades 7 - 10 at the school where I am at, but what I don't know are the ages of each, can anyone help at all?

  2. From Wikipedia (and confirmed by an Italian girl in my tutor group):
    Primary education

    - Scuola primaria (primary school)
    o Year 1, age 6 to 7 (although some children start primary school at 5 years instead at 6)
    o Year 2, age 7 to 8
    o Year 3, age 8 to 9
    o Year 4, age 9 to 10
    o Year 5, age 10 to 11

    Secondary education

    - Scuola secondaria di primo grado (first grade secondary school)
    o Year 1, age 11 to 12
    o Year 2, age 12 to 13
    o Year 3, age 13 to 14 (Licenza di Scuola Media, or Licenza Media)
    - Scuola secondaria di secondo grado (second grade secondary school)
    o Year 1, age 14 to 15
    o Year 2, age 15 to 16
    o Year 3, age 16 to 17
    o Year 4, age 17 to 18
    o Year 5, age 18 to 19 (Diploma di scuola superiore, formerly Maturità)
    - or Formazione professionale (secondary school)
    o Year 1 triennio, age 14 to 15
    o Year 2 triennio, age 15 to 16
    o Year 3 triennio, age 16 to 17 (Qualifica professionale)
    o Year 1 biennio, age 17 to 18
    o Year 2 biennio, age 18 to 19 (Licenza professionale, formerly Maturità professionale)

    In Secondary, they have 2 stages. The first 3 years are Medie Inferiori and the rest (up to 5 years) are Medie Superiori. The first and second grade schools can be on different sites, or on combined sites. Where they are on combined sites, teachers can expect to teach at both levels, but often not so if the sites are split. Rather like the now fading Primary, Middle and Secondary schools.

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