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Key Stage Two National Curriculum Tests May 2013 (SATs 2013)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Tiggermet, May 12, 2013.

  1. sparklyflipflops

    sparklyflipflops New commenter

    Thoughts on today's papers. Paper A seemed generally good. My class said they couldn't believe how easy the last question was. But we do love a bit of probability! Mental Maths seemed challenging for the borderline 3/4s. One of my boys ended up with his head on the desk and looking a little teary at the end of that one. Fine for the 4/5s though.
  2. cross posted - sarahbaxt - I guessed you weren't seriously asking - but as I said, I wouldn't have replied anyway.
  3. sparklyflipflops

    sparklyflipflops New commenter

    I would be amazed if that person is actually telling the truth. Hoping they were just trying to wind us up! Good luck with the L6 tomorrow anyway. :)
  4. ....and don't forget the 2B pencil or pen for the Level 6 paper.
  5. zugthebug

    zugthebug New commenter

    Mental maths was ok. Didnt like paper a. Too wordy and weird for my level3 group. Def thought the co ordinates was mean, the percentage one will have been misread by the borderline and the cake and biscuit one was a pain. I had to write an algebraic equation to work it out.

    Oh and will someone tell the powers that be to stop wrapping the test papers in a brown paper band, they are already in plastic and i can work out which is a test and which the guidance perfectly well!
  6. sparklyflipflops

    sparklyflipflops New commenter

    Apologies Jamiesmum. Just didn't want you getting into trouble!! Clearly not your fault. Wonder if they realise they made a mistake. Or maybe there is a genuine reason for it.
  7. Just hope that the L6 maths is not as challenging as the L6 reading!
  8. Zugthebug- glad to hear that I'm not the only one fed up of those brown paper bands!
  9. I do hate the way the Maths tests try to trick the children rather than test the Maths. The spinner, % and co-ordinate questions were excellent examples of this.
  10. I think it was an error, to be honest. I hope it was just that, anyway.

    I will catch up with this thread tomorrow when we will all have done the L6, to compare notes!
  11. sparklyflipflops

    sparklyflipflops New commenter

    Good luck with the Level 6 tomorrow :)

    Is it next year that we go all Victorian & they ban the calculator completely? Anyone know?!
  12. I think it is next year they ban the calculator.

    I was pleased with both tests today. The children seemed confident but I just hope that doesn't mean tomorrows is trickier!!
  13. Not too sound too overly dramatic @jamiesmum but this is actually a serious infraction of STA testing regulations. All it takes is one child to tell a friend on Instagram etc that they have done it and all hell will break lose. You are now in a difficult position as you know it has been administered incorrectly. Also, if you did the test you will see it clearly states on the package the wads of 10 come in that they must not be opened till tomorrow. I advise you go to your head first thing in the morning. It may be for some reason she has pre arranged a timetable change but if that is the case you are opening yourself up to problems by talking about it on here...
  14. clangercrazy

    clangercrazy New commenter

    multiple post by mistake....sorry

    don't like new tes!!!!!!!!
  15. clangercrazy

    clangercrazy New commenter

    multiple post by mistake...
  16. Thought the Mental Test and Paper A were fair enough. Are pupils allowed a break between the two Level 6 papers tomorrow?
  17. Certainly looks like no calculators next year!
  18. We had one pupil who put negative numbers and we were wondering if anyone else had done as then we could raise it ... technically they're right...!
  19. Ummmm... no calculators next year. Seriously?!

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