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Key Stage Two National Curriculum Tests May 2013 (SATs 2013)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Tiggermet, May 12, 2013.

  1. 9th July - thresholds and computerised results will be available. Your papers may arrive back before then - I tend to a bit of adding up and estimating levels!
  2. ernierch - Does anyone know where the papers will be available for download? I understand the papers are still live but they won't be tomorrow. Will they be available here? My daughter is quite desperate to have another look at them after sitting them last week.

    Did you manage to obtain copies of any of the papers? I received only the exact amount for my lot :(?
  3. Thanks apostrophesnob!
  4. middleschool

    middleschool New commenter

    Papers arrived yesterday (Fri 28th). Results look pretty good if L4 reading threshold is 20 or below (and it has never been as high as 20). A threshold of 21 would make a 12% difference so let's hope that more rigorous means the tests and not the tests and the threshold.

    I have several pupils on 34/35 for possible L5 so i hope 34 should be enough. i've a 32 but doubt whether it's going to be enough. Any thoughts on whether 45 will be enough for 5a?

    I have one on 47 for maths, rest above 50, so i hope it is 47 or below for a L4 but mostly for the pupil as she has worked so hard to even get this close.

    I'd also be happy with 80 or below for L5 maths, any thoughts on whether 94 will be enough for a 5a?

    The crazy thing about all this is that the levels were never designed to be about sub levels and a L5 was originally an end of key stage 3 expectation (14 year olds) and now it is all about L6 at age 11. By all means stretch and challenge your high ability but i wonder at what cost to creativity and a broad and balanced curriculum.

    Why do we have to wait until all results are scrutinised - if the QCA and Dfe with their millions of taxpayers cash, can't design a test with a pass mark that caters for yearly variation without changing the threshold after the tests have been completed then they need to be replaced. This leaves the whole results process open to the political views of the day and lacks integrity.
  5. Thresholds published on DFE website high for level five for reading!!

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